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"Pressing the shutter has remained a moment of joyful recognition, comparable to the delight of a child balancing on tiptoe and suddenly, with a
small cry of delight, stretching out a hand toward a desired object.
Photography is essentially a personal matter - a search for inner truth.
Photography is a strange phenomenon... You trust your eye and cannot help but bare your soul."

Inge Morath

welcome and thanks for dropping by

oliver Wink
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2 Jun 2021 6:20PM
I hadn't seen your portfolio. Very lovely images of your children and so different!
So creative..Smile
wsh Plus
5 85 United Kingdom
9 May 2021 8:22PM
Outstanding portraits in your portfolio. I wish I'd looked earlier.
clicknimagine Plus
13 1.3k 105 India
24 May 2019 9:45AM
You have an Exceptional talent and exceptional portfolio...Keep it up...
gpimages Plus
12 82 4 England
29 Jan 2019 12:39AM
Thank you for your vote Oliver. Much appreciated.
Lontano 13 8 2 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2018 5:35PM
I have just had the pleasure of looking through your portfolio for the first time. It won't be the last. There are some stunning images here. Truly inspirational.
Minty805 Plus
6 51 10 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2018 11:15AM
Some outstanding images here, with outstanding portraiture and wonderful candids. A pleasure to look through the portfolio. Allan
leo_nid 6 12
1 Mar 2017 9:05AM
thanks so much for awarding my hollow man pic today !
best regards
leo_nid 6 12
24 Feb 2017 8:07AM
many thanks for awarding my music in your head pic, much appreciated
best regards
779HOB 11 1.2k United Kingdom
19 Feb 2012 7:42PM
Really good to see your work again Oliver and I look forward to seeing more.
luceombra 11 27 5 Italy
21 Dec 2011 3:53PM
You have an outstanding portfolio, Oliver. I take off my hat!
nonur 14 18 13 Turkey
19 Jul 2011 8:41AM
This is a great portfolio Oliver, and I love your dramatic shots! SmileSmileSmile
Congrats and kind regards,
AnneWorner 15 620 43 United States
20 Jun 2011 6:37PM
I guess I don't have to really say it, but your work with the Lensbaby especially has been of great inspiration to me, and one of the reasons I decided to start using the lens. I shall return often to your PF Smile
CaroleA 17 10 3 England
19 Jun 2011 3:22PM
Well Ollie there are too many images for me to comment on since I haven't been on this site for ages. Suffice it to say there are some crackers in here, so please accept this as an overarching CLICK. Looking forward to a longer browse in your portfolio.

All the best
15 Oct 2010 8:01PM
great creative gallery. love the lens baby shots.
9 Sep 2010 7:15PM
Your work is an education,
User_Removed 14 1 8 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2010 2:14PM
I'm just starting my third year on this site and throughout my time here your work has been, and will continue to be a source of great inspiration to me........ thanks Ollie.

27 Jun 2010 7:40AM
excellent portfolio
snn5 13 Australia
8 Jun 2009 12:15AM
It's a pleasure to view this gallery.
electricsoup 16 30 England
9 May 2009 12:19AM
Truly one of my favourite photographers, always a pleasure to view your works.
riprap007 18 1.6k 37 England
19 Apr 2009 6:40PM
really enjoyed viewing your website too Smile
DRicherby 14 269 726 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2009 2:25PM
I've been meaning to set aside the time to have a good look at your profile for quite a while. And I'll have to look again in the office, since my grubby old laptop screen ruins a lot of your photos! Smile

You have a really strong body of work here and I look forward to seeing more of it.
User_Removed 19 16 1 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2009 9:51AM
hi Oliie, i've missed so many stunning images and I just like to say Brillaint as always & thanks for your support on my pf.

take care

di x
22 Dec 2008 8:50PM
Ayelet_A 14 11 3 Israel
6 Dec 2008 4:11PM
Hi Ollie -

Your work is very creative and uniquely yours. Always very inspiring and thought provoking.

Keep up the good work,
Kind regards-
SlowSong Plus
14 10.8k 30 England
20 Sep 2008 12:30PM
Terrific portfolio. Great pictures and treatments.
Sahyadri 15 61 2 India
5 Aug 2008 7:01PM
Truly admire your style and techniques. briliant PF
Milla 15 7 2 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2008 6:07PM
So glad i got here, looks like I'm gonna learn a lot about making the good portraits from your pf, thank you for that, and welcome on my favourites. Really excellent work.
woolybill1 Plus
16 39 79 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2008 10:12PM
A portfolio radiating warmth, compassion and humanity, created with consummate skill.
Robak 17 6 England
25 Nov 2007 6:15PM
Absolutely beautiful work.
I shall keep looking.
24 Oct 2007 10:34PM
This PF is outstanding! It's a gold mine of excellent images. Thanks for sharing it with us.
NPHART 17 2 Canada
5 Oct 2007 1:43AM
Super PF! Outstanding portraiture. Nigel.
Crazee1ady 15 16
1 Oct 2007 4:48PM
love your portrait work :o)
MartaHari 15 1 Spain
24 Sep 2007 7:21PM
your PF is ash and diamond combined, so to say - fantastic, full of contrary emotions, artistic and technicall impeccable - GREAT
JuliaB 18 110 2 United Kingdom
20 Sep 2007 6:33PM
I'd buy a book of your work and pour over it ;o)
GalleryGirl 15 4 2 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2007 1:14PM
ooh I love your portfolio - really quirky and I love quirky! barmymarny x
JudeC 16 6 3 England
6 Aug 2007 2:32PM
Love your showcase - some wonderful quirky images - JudeC
Carl40 17 18 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2007 2:18PM
Great PF just love your work its outstanding.

MrsSmith 16 84
5 May 2007 1:45AM
Wow! I was referred here after having a bit of trouble. (Just starting out). Anyway, got some sound advice, some great information, and a referrel here. I'm glad. This is great stuff!
Hughmondo 16 14 Zimbabwe
4 May 2007 10:43AM
Your work is incredible

Lenja 16
30 Apr 2007 10:39PM
Hi Oliver,

thanks for your note, and I noticed your inspiring portfolio.

pk_nz 18 New Zealand
23 Apr 2007 8:02PM
what can you say?
You must be the most consistent, prolific photographer here!
I am always impressed with the way you can post so many really classy shots in such quick succession.
Your portrait work especially is just magnificent and truly something to be awed and inspired by.
Thanks for all the support too, it is truly appreciated!
LenaP 16 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2007 10:03AM
Just wanted to say that your work is amazing, it provokes thought, it inspires and it brought tears to my eyes.
Djemde 19 1 Tuvalu
27 Mar 2007 10:25PM
Ollie, you are a master at work. Love how you combine your hobby with your job, but most of all I love the emotion that runs through all your work. Cheers
Carl40 17 18 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2007 10:25PM
Love your work your B/W portraiture is just outstanding look forward to seeing more of your work.
Nick-T 17 45 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2007 8:21PM
Real nice work, loved browsing. Keep up the great work
MikeJ63 17 8 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2007 8:49PM
I never tire of looking at your images. Thanks for your comments.
Kindest regards,
electricsoup 16 30 England
2 Feb 2007 9:47AM
By far the best Portrait work on here in my books, so powerful!
angryrebel 16 16
2 Jan 2007 11:08PM
I really like your work, I cant say when I have seen such great photographs.
Pete 22 18.8k 97 England
17 Oct 2006 3:08PM
I obviously see your work as it comes through daily, but just dropped by to have an overall look, following viewing the LB team pic. I love the variety and different approach to every subject. This is certainly a portfolio to inspire!
MikeJ63 17 8 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2006 10:32PM
I keep coming back to your PF for inspiration and fresh ideas. You capture lifetimes in the faces of those you photograph. Thanks for sharing them.
best wishes,
troberts 16 17
15 Sep 2006 7:23PM
As finer set of images I have ever seen
That day should come soon when you take it up as a profession Best of Luck
12 Sep 2006 6:27PM
A very impressive and personal portfolio. Every shot is unique, but has your style all over it.

imagio 16 12 1 England
4 Sep 2006 11:52AM
Simply amazing black and white portraiture what a gift you have...Imagio
3 Sep 2006 2:37PM
very special, very moving....... very tallented
GeorgeRusky 17 1 4
27 Aug 2006 12:30PM
Thank you for your Art, Ollie: in this world of beautiful girls,flowers, birds, and coloful landscales, you take B&W pictures of these, standing on the edge of their lives people to give them your love and attention.

Bow to the Master!
tags66 17 8 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2006 3:03PM
Very impressive collection of photos, one of the p/f on this site. Thanks for sharing with us.
13 Aug 2006 11:11AM
Wow Ollie, your portfolio is just fantastic!!!!! Keep em coming!! *twinkle*
2 Aug 2006 6:15AM
A really admirable portfolio Ollie... well done! When I started out a few months ago, I saw myself wanting to photograph elderly people's faces and hands. They are fantastic material for photography, particularly B&W. And now I see you do just that, and very, very well. I guess I won't be taking these kind of pics (for a while at least) but I'll be sure to return to your portfolio for the enjoyment it brings. Congratulations on some excellent work.
davidhu Plus
17 2 24 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2006 10:45AM
A PF brimming over with inspirational work, well deserving of all the praise it gets. Lots of favourites but I think "Sofa Surfers" just shades it. Thanks for your continued support.
PS It was a real treat to meet up with you in Austria. Lots of chat, lots of photos and some Austrian beer to top it off.
MikeJ63 17 8 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2006 9:48AM
What a beautiful PF. Too many wonderful shots to comment on. Outstanding.
Misbuk 18 32 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2006 10:25PM
Your portfolio is really good. Theres too many to comment on but I do really several of them. Really eye catching and great details in the faces and hands of the individual portraits!
User_Removed 17 7 8 Netherlands
24 Jun 2006 5:03PM
Hi Ollie. You portfolio is really strong. What I like is that you master several styles but that it's all about that crazy being we individually and collectively are: humans/humanity. It's the love of humanity that shines trough. 'Have fun'is my favorite in your portfolio. Cheers, Bert
Paul Morgan 22 19.8k 6 England
18 Jun 2006 8:56AM
Just love your work Oliver, great individual style and pic`s that always catch my eye and make me think.

Keep it up mate

tull 19 181 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2006 3:32AM
Hi Ollie,

You have been so kind to comment on my work of late so I came to check you What a delight it was viewing your cracking work I remembered you EC 'Fading Memories' straight away,you have some outstanding photo's with 'The Carrot' being the best montage I've ever seen on this site.
Keep up the good work.

User_Removed 18 32 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2006 10:31AM
You have a unique approach to portraiture which manages to put the viewer in the presence of the subject

gajj 19 32
1 Jun 2006 7:33PM
Intriguing and very well done portfolio, suberb images of everyday folks. Best regards, Jan
JuliaB 18 110 2 United Kingdom
24 May 2006 3:43AM
I can't keep up with you Ollie - so much to see and so little time.... wish I could comment on everyone, forgive me if I don't. JB
bliba Plus
17 1 2 Austria
19 May 2006 1:58PM
thanks everyone ....your words are very encouraging!

18 May 2006 9:14AM
creative, and beautiful porfolio...and yes I do love my scotch also...
JuliaB 18 110 2 United Kingdom
12 May 2006 10:43AM
Hey Ollie, I'm pleased you do something different from the "norm" around here, really enjoy your work and learn a lot from observing. Your portraits are provocative and your montages superb (any handy montage hints? drop me a line!) Cheers, Julia
dusted 18 508 1 United Kingdom
12 May 2006 1:11AM
Hi Ollie

Just like to say what a thought provoking, varied and wonderful portfolio you have .. full of gems

take care
6 May 2006 1:01AM
Hey Ollie, excellent collections of your pictures. I have never seen so many very good pictures taken by the Lensbaby and your portrait study of the people (at certain ages) is fantastic. Well done, mate.
TessC 17 1 Ireland
1 May 2006 1:07PM
A truely FANTASTIC! portfolio. I've been through it twice, now thats telling you how much I appreciate you work. Well doneSmile
TommyStr 17 9 3 Norway
21 Apr 2006 11:17PM
Hi Ollie! One of the best when it comes to portraying people and life (in general). Your work is among the most interesting on epz, because of the variation, originality and what your pictures say. The quality seem to increase upload by upload ('jew's harp player, trumpeter' lately (wow)). Thanks for your support and comments on my work, much appriciated. Keep doing what you're doing, always a pleasure to drop by! Cheers!
Ken_fuji 17 26 1 Scotland
4 Apr 2006 7:45AM
Hello ollie. You honour me with your generous comments. You are a very skilled photographer. Your shots are simply so stylish and evocative. I love how you are so adept at capturing so much atmosphere in all your images. You should pursue this area of work. I already thought you were a Professional photographer; such is the quality of your work.

I notice you have a love for Single Malts. I don't drink anymore, but used to love them. "Highland Park 25 year old", "Lagavulin 43% 16 year old", "Bunnahabhain 12 year old", and the wonderful "Bruichladdich 10 year old". I loved them all. The more peaty, the better!

I wish you good health and happiness for the future. I am sure you will go far.

Best wishes,

lensmonkey 17 22 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2006 1:35AM
It's the man that inspired me to get serious about my photography! You have an awesome portfolio Ollie. Keep up the good work as I always look forward to seeing more!

Take care and best wishes,


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