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A quick view of BlindMonkey's recent activity.

  • A Little Bit Of Denim

    WOW, second readers choice award in a week, thank you so much guys

    • 26 Dec 2018 5:57PM
  • The Chair

    Quote:Great silhouette.
    Good idea to turn it to black and white.

    I think the front legs of the chair should be on the air mimicking her raised heel. Should the chair had been tilted leaning towards the background the perception of moving could be implied.


    I totally agree, and know that i'm a bit more advanced in my photography i would have suggested the idea while shooting, unfortunately i was just starting out into model and studio photography at the time of this shot.

    • 21 Dec 2018 8:13PM
  • Fashion Style

    Quote:This is nice. My kind of glamour - but not really fashion, surely? Fashion, to me, is showing off clothes rather than the model. This is pretty much the opposite.


    Cheers Paul, glad you like the shot.

    I would call it fashion, glamour to me is page 3 style photography ( girls with a lot less clothes on ) thatís just my interpretation.
    • 18 Dec 2018 3:25PM
  • Film Noir

    Thank you guys. This was my first attempt at this style of photography. Thought I would try something different for the last 20 minutes of the session with the model. Next time I will do a bit of research into it before hand
    • 16 Dec 2018 9:51PM
  • Garlic

    Simple but very affective, like it alot...

    • 12 Jul 2009 6:14PM
  • swan

    Well timed shot, well done

    • 31 May 2009 3:43PM
  • Funky Buttercup

    Good stuff, like this alot

    • 31 May 2009 3:41PM
  • Hi Cattyal, just browsing through your portfolio, you have some really good shots, keep up the good work.

    • Posted on cattyal's profile
    • 18 Jan 2009 10:25PM