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Welcome to my portfolio.

Hope you enjoy the diverse pictures, "I'll snap owt, now it's digital it's cheap" (true Yorkshireman Smile I'll try and keep posting my favourites even though they don't get any votes, I take them for pleasure not for plaudits.
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  • Steel city station

    Trying to put Sheffield back on the map Smile

    We've never been of it mate Smile.

    Great shot of the sculpture/fountain and a good night shot, the traffic trails make this a great picture. Well composed, well taken, well done.

    Tony (Sheffield through & through).
    • 28 Mar 2007 10:25PM
  • cabbage maze

    Great shot, just shows what Mother Nature can create that we only dream of creating, so many images in nature.

    Really stood out as a thumbnail, but Im with deejceej I don't like cabbage red/white/whatever.

    • 21 Mar 2007 10:54PM

    The old and new of Sheffield really seems to work, great shot, well presented. Looks like you got a good lens there.

    • 2 Mar 2007 10:45PM
  • New York, Frame By Frame

    Great idea, well thought out and executed. Like the Mono pics, think they work really well. Good stuff.

    • 8 Feb 2007 1:44PM
  • Sloppy chops

    A very 3D looking shot, just hope you cleaned your lens after, seemed you'd need to. Great capture, Great DOF, a fantastic portrait.

    • 8 Feb 2007 1:00PM
  • Worcester Cathedral in the Snow

    Good shot, think the post box really lifts the scene and leads your eye to the statue and then the church, good composition.

    • 8 Feb 2007 1:03PM
  • Princes Street, Edinburgh

    Yes great layiout, think this works really well, must try not to vopy thjis idea.

    Great shots in your portfolio.
    • 6 Feb 2007 5:08PM
  • Liberty Frame By Frame

    Great idea, well composed, great mono images. Only problem for me is the frames overlap and show through, may have been better to hide the part of the imge underneath the frames, if that makes sense, just my opinion.

    • 5 Feb 2007 12:52PM
  • refraction

    A very nice graphic image, could have been done for an advert, nice image, nice lighting.

    • 16 Jan 2007 9:56PM
  • Got the bottle

    Good shot, really jumped out at me as I've done a pic of a small green "poison" bottle I dug up in our garden.
    • 16 Jan 2007 9:59PM
  • The Lane

    Great moody shot, the tree frame really sets it off. Good work, really stands out in the thumbnails.

    • 10 Jan 2007 6:10PM
  • High Flyer

    What's this with shoes on Telephone/Power lines, seen at least six pairs throughout Sheffield, new urban sport or somethings????

    Nice shot, think the seagull does add to the shot IMHO.

    • 7 Jan 2007 12:26PM
  • Worm Food

    Looks familiar, was it taken in Goathland by any chance? Nice shot, the rust and decay always adds something to an older vehicle IMHO. Great shot, Great colour.
    • 5 Jan 2007 10:30PM
  • "Don't Tell Him Pike"

    Yes Stevie_D, great weekends, I'll be attending again this year, hope the weather is as good as the last three years.

    • 10 Apr 2007 10:22PM
  • Up Up and Away

    Nice Shot - never seen an empty pod before, "so that's what they look like". Tony
    • 2 Apr 2006 6:42AM
  • Hockey!

    Great action shot Ben, It does help getting as much practice as you ca, I'm still practising, keep up the good work. If interested check out my site and let me know what you think - Here

    • 25 Jan 2006 3:42AM
  • Trail Comp

    Great Capture, well done

    The lightings dodgy in there for Ice Hockey let alone Trials with such low light.

    Well Done again.

    • 11 Jan 2006 4:52AM
  • Arlington House, Camden Town

    Is this the one from the Madness song?? Great balance between old & New.
    • 4 Jan 2006 4:23AM
  • 'Morph'

    Great shot. Not been to the NMFT for ages, must have a trip this year. Morph is still apearing on SMART on the CBBC (not that I watch it Smile )

    • 4 Jan 2006 3:00AM
  • Dark satanic mills just by Meadowhall

    You made the best decision passing "MeadowHell", reconisible icons for us in Sheffield. Good shot, good effects fits the image. Tony.
    • 24 Dec 2005 3:57AM
  • Captions Please

    Great Idea, Great Shot, Great Tits - sorry Blue Tits.

    The Caption -

    First Bird "You press the shutter button, I'll make sure he's in the frame"

    • 19 Dec 2005 5:34AM
  • Goalie 2

    Another good shot and nice cropped. Keep going. Tony
    • 9 Dec 2005 2:50AM
  • Hockey

    Good Capture Ben, yes it takes a bit of practice, I'm still practicing three years on Smile. Keep going you can only get better. Feel free to check out my Hockey Website - LINK , let me know what you think.

    • 8 Dec 2005 3:16AM
  • The Leadmill

    Iconic Sheffield Landmark, so many "new" bands have played here, and the place to see Live Music. Quality shot.

    Tony - Fellow Sheffielder
    • 5 Dec 2005 3:20AM
  • Karmann Ghia Boot

    Nice shot - thought at first it was Photoshoped,only at first Smile. Is there an owners club??? if so then try there, there maybe contacts - offer it as a Wallpaper (just an idea).

    • 30 Nov 2005 7:07AM
  • Dreams Door

    Great capture, looks like a piece of gravity to me, but great colours. Tony
    • 23 Oct 2005 3:21AM
  • inside

    Good (was going to put Great, but people beat me to it)image, intresting take on an everyday object.
    • 6 Oct 2005 3:27AM
  • Jets

    Great shot, great bike, great programme.

    • 18 Sep 2005 1:24PM
  • Old Speckled Hen

    Nice Advert for a nice pint. Well created, well photographed. Great idea. Tony
    • 15 Sep 2005 1:16PM
  • Northumberland 2255

    Great idea, well executed IMHO.

    Does that mean all the Newcy Broon will have evaporated as well????

    Maybe we should get it stockpiled just in case???

    • 1 Sep 2005 5:23AM