Revolutionising Tripods: The Benro Theta Is An Auto-Levelling Travel Tripod



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  • Seasons Greetings

    To all you Happy Snappers - I wish you perfect conditions, the right light from the right angle, a shutter that fires at exactly the right moment and pictures that YOU ar...
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  • Guide to PC's

    Your 'Chemical' past life is evident in your answer :0)
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  • IPhoto

    That's Macs for you. ;-) Although they do have some drawbacks but not many. One is the annoying narrow column formatting of messages left in this forum when using Mac OS...
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  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix TZ70 Review

    Just bought a TZ60 - hadn't realised the 70 was due:
    Am having similar problems as StartedWithABrownie127
    Read the reviews and the TZ60 was coming up great in all - and the bonus of a viewfinder so - thought we were on to a good buy.
    Will have to be a bit judicious with use of max zoom.

    • 5 Mar 2015 3:50PM
  • Posted on: Landscape Competition Winner Announced

    Oh beautiful!!!!!Grin
    • 25 Oct 2011 9:19AM

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