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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Wheel of time

    Thank you Willie and Pablo. Willie really appreciate your modification, amazing work on removing that bright red piece, but don't you think the exposure has jumped a bit to the point where his left arm is over exposed? Just my thought?
    • 13 Oct 2016 2:02PM
  • Frame

    Hi Dudler and Willie

    I agree with both of you in your statement that not having zoomed in has shown a lot of space around the subject. Thank you both for the modification, Dudler's modification makes it more like a perfectly framed subject.
    Yes indeed, they were lamp posts and I wanted the viewer to get a sense of where the subject is framed, however cropping it seems to take away the context. Just my thought!
    • 9 Oct 2016 4:33PM
  • Childhood

    Thank you Robert, I like the changes you've given to the image, although subtle, I think it is better than the image I've uploaded, especially with the background toned down.Grin
    • 23 Sep 2016 11:57AM
  • Urban Bloom

    Quote:Welcome to Ephotozine!

    This is almost a wonderful shot. What prevents it from being outstanding is that aperture youve used is too small. This means the depth of field is too narrow to encompass the Mushrooms. You can very clearly see, on the bark of the tree, that narrow sharp area, - thats the depth. A smaller aperture, such as f/8 would widen this a lot to help include the Mushroom caps and make them sharp.

    Some of this can be remedied in Photoshop, but it will never look as good as having the correct setting the first time.

    Its a very good effort, and with the knowledge you will pick up here, you will learn a lot.

    I did upload a modification Ive worked on, - scroll up this page, click the modifications tab, and view large.

    Well done, and I hope this information is helpful,



    Thank you Willie for your constructive comments and the workshop, I'll keep them in mind.
    It was a pretty unusual angle, the shot was taken overhead with the help of the tilt screen.
    • 17 Jul 2013 6:07PM