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THanks for looking at my pics, it is the highest flattery!
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A quick view of BlueJonnyp's recent activity.

  • Tree Creeper

    Great capture of this tricky bird - always goes wrong side of tree when it sees my camera! Thanks for Wormuration vote
    • 1 Mar 2021 1:02PM
  • Starling wormuration

    Thanks Kaxxie. I love your Venice series, I've never managed the carnival but had some inspiring visits there.
    • 1 Mar 2021 12:26PM
  • Open Wide...

    Brilliant pic, Terry! Also hanks for my Brents vote, I horoughly enjoyed your gallery John
    • 25 Oct 2020 1:46PM
  • Caught in the act!

    Brilliant eyes, I don't think I would dare disturb it!
    THanks for Phalarope vote and comment

    • 24 Oct 2020 6:20PM
  • Wilson's Phalarope

    Very busy bird, twirling around constantly as the water suggests.
    • 24 Oct 2020 3:19PM
  • Seal snooze

    Thanks for the comment and vote Isabel, much appreciated,
    • 15 Sep 2020 10:13PM
  • Up Above

    Gorgeous sky lory and good pf. thanks for seal vote too!

    • 15 Sep 2020 9:53PM
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  • Thanks for your votes Chinga, i love your gallery,

    • Posted on Chinga's profile
    • 24 Oct 2020 3:34PM
  • Thank for Mantis vote, led me to your brilliant pf. john
  • Some great pics gary, especially keen on the bullfinches. THanks for Woodie with Nuts vote! John
    • Posted on milky's profile
    • 4 Jun 2020 2:27PM
  • Lovey PF Alan , especially enjoyed the wildlife. THanks for my croc vote, John
  • Thanks for the Marabou vote. You have a very interesting portfolio and I love the old Citroen. Where are the flics? John
    • Posted on ubaruch's profile
    • 28 May 2020 12:39PM
  • Thanks for he periscope vote. Some great pics in your portfolio, greatly enjoyed. John
    • Posted on DeSilver's profile
    • 28 May 2020 11:28AM
  • A lovely and very interesting set, I will enoy 4exploring. THank you for my cloud vote

    • Posted on ugly's profile
    • 11 May 2020 10:00AM
  • Brilliant pics Ian, especially the herons in flight. THanks for my award, much appreciated by this site newbie
  • Hi Chinga, thanks for the comment on my kingfisher. I just had to browse your portfolio and thoroughly enjoyed it all! Faceology reminded me of the tiling in Porto train station. If you have not been there, it will amaze you when you can. Best wishes
    • Posted on Chinga's profile
    • 26 Apr 2020 12:04PM
  • Brilliant pictures Bob. Particularly love the jay with the peanut - did you use a tripod? Detail around the eye is stunning