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Keep your focus. It's the difference between a good picture and just one more image cluttering up a world filled with them.

... Stephen King (of all people)
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Variety is what I hope you’ll find in my portfolio, as much variety as I can achieve short of crawling out of bed before the dawn or trying to coax some young woman out of her clothes in a filthy deserted warehouse... and crucially, without letting the quality control bar drop too far.
I hope you’ll also find the odd flash of originality, an elusive quality I value highly in my own work and that of others. We are all influenced by the work of those we admire but it is what we do with that inspiration that counts and I’d far rather see someone floundering around on a path of their own making than cruising elegantly along a smooth and well worn track. Photography can be valid either as an art or a craft but my interest and support will always be for those who try to put something of themselves into their work rather than endlessly recreate that which has gone before.


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