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Hi and welcome to my portfolio.

Still learning - and hopefully continuing to learn for many years to come.
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A quick view of Blundez's recent activity.

  • Broken 4

    Great subject and moody lighting. I like the modification also, but do like the detail in the closer one.
    • 10 May 2018 8:54PM
  • Eilean Donan Castle

    Beautiful eerie shot, Eileen Donan at its best
    • 10 May 2018 8:51PM
  • RAF

    Great shot, really good to get blurred prop whilst keeping the rest in focus - fine panning sir.
    • 27 Apr 2018 7:45PM
  • Searching for the Sun

    Wonderful clear shot and great to catch the undercarriage raising. Roll on July...
    • 27 Apr 2018 7:42PM
  • Sunrize Towers

    Wonderful simple composition, beautifully done.
    • 27 Apr 2018 7:40PM
  • Almost a Growl !

    Absolutely gorgeous, what a stunning image of a beautiful Puss. Love the composition and lighting. Bless his little paws Smile
    • 27 Apr 2018 7:39PM
  • The Pines

    Love this area, beautiful light and shadows - lovely image
    • 27 Apr 2018 7:34PM
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  • A wonderful portfolio, thoroughly enjoyed looking through it unfortunately ran out of time at page 13 due to having to get back to work... I visit the West Highlands every couple of years so have to take pot luck with the weather, so it is great to see a different side to the country and its many moods. Thanks for a lovely treat.
  • Lovely and varied portfolio, I especially likethe Scottish landscapes as I am a sucker for that part of the country.
    • Posted on colmar's profile
    • 3 Nov 2009 1:38PM
  • Hi Scott, Fabulous portfolio, great eye for composition and drama - you have a great career ahead of you I think. Love the inclusion of the butterfly in your collection, made me smile - Steve
  • Amazing portfolio, I am just venturing into bird photography and this has truly inspired me - Cheers
    • Posted on albi's profile
    • 25 May 2007 1:03PM
  • Thanks Stephen, I didnt think about localised sharpening, I will give it a try, appreciate your comment.
    • Posted on Tooth's profile
    • 16 Feb 2007 9:35PM