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Activity : Photo Comments

  • Who's There?

    Nice, but I think it's time for a coat of wood stain on the door, probably better if you sand it first before painting ...
    • 19 Aug 2011 6:51AM
  • Blue

    Very nice, the crop works well.

    (It reminds me a little of a John Miller painting ...)
    • 23 May 2010 11:21AM
  • M1 J8 (v2)

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions, I appreciate the mods ..

    Looking at it again I'd agree that I over darkened the sky, and the bright band on the horizon should be fixed.

    As for the message/meaning, I drive this junction every day, and they re-built the footpath as part of the M1 roadworks, (there is even a crossing across one of the slip roads) but I have *never* seen anyone walking along there, so I wanted to show the view that very few people have bothered to go and look at ...

    Taking on board your suggestions, I'll try to post one of the pictures from over the northbound carriageway which suffers less from the lamppost problem (there are a lot around the junction!) and try a less central crop ...

    • 6 Apr 2010 7:44PM
  • M1 J8

    Thanks for the comments, I did ponder the effect of the central reservation splitting the picture, and looked at different crops, but in the end I preferred this version ...
    • 31 Mar 2010 5:50PM
  • Summer Rain

    Very nice, it works well as a B/W picture.

    I've done a quick mod with slightly increased contrast ...
    • 19 Mar 2010 11:51AM
  • Dried Lemon Close up

    It's an interesting image with lots of detail, but I wonder if the lack of colour contrast stops it standing out (yellow subject, brown bowl, and brown wooden background). I've done a quick mod with the colour of the bowl changed as an example ...
    • 26 Nov 2009 5:06PM
  • Yawn

    Thanks for the comments ...
    I like the mod you've done Phil, I might try something similar with the higher res original which might be easier to mask ..

    • 26 Jul 2009 10:20AM
  • Sailing

    Thanks for the comments and the mod, I had already adjusted the contrast slightly, but the new version does look better.
    • 30 May 2009 8:23AM
  • Up

    Thanks for the award Nicky, it is very much appreciated.

    • 14 Mar 2009 5:20PM
  • Sleepy Lion

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Thanks for the mod CB, it does show off the detail in the mane and give the picture more impact .
    • 4 Mar 2009 4:30PM
  • Meerkats at Whipsnade

    Thanks for the comments...

    I like the mods you've done Willie, the increase in contrast is a good improvement (I had already increased it a little in my version).

    • 23 Feb 2009 4:46PM
  • Dice

    Thanks for the comments and votes, I like the mod you did Ben, the high contrast does suit the subject well.

    • 27 Dec 2008 2:34PM

    An excellent collection of pictures ...

    If they were my pictures, I might try boosting the brighness/contrast a little, but it depends on your personal taste ...

    • 21 Oct 2008 5:05PM
  • LUCY

    I like the expression you've captured, though my preference would be to boost the contrast a little.
    • 2 Sep 2008 5:38PM
  • less is more

    Very nice picture, it reminds me a little of a John Miller painting ...
    • 11 Aug 2008 6:00PM
  • Angela - two hats!

    I like the expression and natural skin tones on this (there seem to be a lot of overprocessed and orange models about on ePz).
    • 11 Feb 2007 3:27PM
  • Buncefield

    Thanks for the comments, I really like the mod Michael - it does add to the atmosphere of the shot.

    • 11 Dec 2006 1:56PM
  • Macro test

    Nice picture, lots of sharp detail!

    It looks like you may have lost some detail at the base of the spines, perhaps using something like -0.5 exposure compensation would help ?

    • 10 Dec 2006 12:58PM
  • The breakthrough of my Mona Lisa

    I'd agree that the DOF and viewpoint make this a great shot, I think the lighting is good too, there appears to be a red tint as though the figure is lit by light reflecting from the red fabric.

    • 17 Oct 2006 8:48PM
  • Red Squirrel

    Excellent detail, I like the sky reflected in the eye and the hint of motion blur on the foot which makes it look more alive ...

    • 2 Oct 2006 8:22AM
  • Simply the Moon

    Very nice, simple but effective.
    • 2 Oct 2006 2:47AM
  • *

    I really like the pose and the composition of this, though my preference would be for a little more contrast (I've done a mod as an example).

    • 18 Sep 2006 4:38PM
  • Like My Hat ??

    Impressive capture of the detail and colours.
    • 17 Sep 2006 7:21AM
  • Cold Desire

    Great colours and detail in the eyes.
    • 14 Sep 2006 5:29PM
  • Gone to Seed

    Nice detail, I like the textures and colours of this.
    • 14 Sep 2006 6:08AM
  • Rainy Day

    Fantasic capture, I like the fine detail you've captured in the water drops and lines on the petals, though I'd agree with Articfox that a slight increase in brightness would improve it.

    • 9 Sep 2006 2:08PM
  • shapes

    Nice image, good choice of colours - very eye catching.
    • 2 Sep 2006 1:25PM
  • Lonely

    This is fantastic peaceful blue scene, it reminds me a little of some John Miller paintings.
    • 2 Sep 2006 9:05AM
  • Rings

    Nice image, great choice of colours.

    (Should there be a bright spot on the water (sea?) formed by sunlight refracted by the sphere ?)

    • 31 Aug 2006 5:17PM
  • Counting Sheep

    Nice number! Are you a Greenaway fan who is going to collect all the numbers 1-100 ?

    • 16 Aug 2006 7:22PM