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A big thanks to all who have taken the time to look at my photos. All comments good or bad are are greatly received.
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  • A Baby Sparrow

    As usual a superb quality image well composed.

    • 21 Mar 2016 11:28PM
  • Betty

    Thanks for the comments folks but in this case I think less is more.

    • 21 Mar 2016 11:23PM
  • Kirkfujell with Aurora

    Fabulous colours and light well taken.

    • 20 Mar 2016 10:04PM
  • One more drop in the ocean

    I've not had a go at this yet you seem to be making the most of it as this is an excellent shot well sharp where it needs to be. The vibrant pink colour makes for a really eye catching image.

    • 20 Mar 2016 10:01PM
  • Elephant Hawk Moth

    Great work Tony v2 is my favourite the detail that you have caught is excellent. I've seen grey ones but not any as colourful as this.

    • 20 Mar 2016 7:56AM
  • Loch Venacher

    A stunning shot I love the reflection nice colours and detail well taken.

    • 19 Mar 2016 11:28PM
  • Amaryllis

    The detail is superb and I really like the warm lighting.

    • 19 Mar 2016 10:46PM
  • Sheltering House

    Great lighting and well composed.

    • 19 Mar 2016 10:44PM
  • Ink Blue Orchid

    Great shot Tony I quite like the cool blue tint. The close up is excellent stunning work.

    • 18 Mar 2016 9:34PM
  • Down the valley

    A real nice landscape and you've made good use of the light

    • 18 Mar 2016 9:28PM
  • Kingfisher

    A fabulous shot well taken and composed.

    • 18 Mar 2016 9:20PM
  • Three splashes of yellow

    I think this works really well as a triptych a very eye-catching set of images. It drew me in straight away. The line is a bit annoying but it is what it is still works for me.

    • 18 Mar 2016 9:18PM
  • The Gull and the Golden Leaves

    A stunning image well captured and composed.

    • 18 Mar 2016 9:09PM
  • Redpoll

    A cracking shot Tony nice and sharp with real good colours.

    • 17 Mar 2016 8:06PM
  • Looking South from Dyrholaey

    A great image well captured and presented. For me the composition is spot on nice one.

    • 17 Mar 2016 7:58PM
  • Glennerster

    Great shot a nice bit of action from the gravel getting kicked up from the back of the car well taken.

    • 17 Mar 2016 7:50PM
  • Places

    There is a real nice image here with a wee burn in of the clouds and a straighten up well spotted.

    • 17 Mar 2016 7:43PM
  • Scarlet Elf Cup Fungi

    Another great shot Tony the composition is spot on.

    • 16 Mar 2016 11:23PM
  • Goldfinch Sitting Pretty

    A great shot Tony I really like these little birds they have so much colour about them and you seem to have made the most of it.

    • 16 Mar 2016 11:18PM
  • why 11

    Interesting sky well reflected.
    • 15 Mar 2016 11:25PM
  • After Dinner Clean Up

    Great shot the detail is excellent it shows up really well against the dark background.
    • 13 Mar 2016 10:52PM
  • Manfred Mantis

    A cracking shot Tony great colours and detail. And yes it is a bit gruesome.

    • 13 Mar 2016 1:11AM
  • Visitor or Vermin

    Hi Tony, another great capture fabulous detail and really well cropped.
    • 13 Mar 2016 1:00AM
  • Reaching for Daylight.

    Another class image Tony. Great detail and well composed.
    • 13 Mar 2016 12:52AM
  • The Heart of an Anemone

    Hi Tony, good to see that you've not lost your touch. As usual an excellent quality image I love the detail that you get and the contrasting colours are really good.
    • 13 Mar 2016 12:46AM
  • Fools Rush In

    Well captured and composed.

    • 9 Jun 2010 8:38PM
  • Under a Big Blue Sky

    A fabulous shot really well composed I love that sky.

    • 9 Jun 2010 8:36PM
  • Screaming monkey

    A well timed shot.

    • 9 Jun 2010 8:35PM
  • The Last Shafts....

    A stunning image really well taken glad to make it 30.

    • 5 Jun 2010 9:15PM
  • Last light Gyles Quay

    Great sunset well caught I love the colours here.

    • 5 Jun 2010 9:12PM