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  • Commented on 'Competition: 03-04-2018 - Beach'

    • 4 Apr 2018 5:12PM
  • Commented on 'Competition: 03-04-2018 - Beach'

    Western Australia
    • 3 Apr 2018 1:48PM
  • Commented on 'Plugins and Filters'

    I love the Franzis software. Plugin or standalone
    • 17 Feb 2018 5:24PM
  • Commented on 'Do You Use Filters for Protection on Lenses?'

    i always use a UV filter on all my lenses but at the best quality i can afford with multi-coating. Better to replace these and finger prints and water/rain is easier to remove in the field. i can say that they have never degraded the image quality if kept clean.
    • 3 Feb 2018 11:34PM
  • Commented on 'What is you fave range of camera bag?'

    Manfrotto every time
    • 3 Feb 2018 10:40AM
  • Commented on ' - any experience?'

    used them for my trip around New Zealand....No problems.
    • 16 Jan 2018 3:43PM
  • Commented on 'TZ70 '

    NB make sure SD card is not locked and that it is fully inserted
    • 17 Dec 2017 11:59PM
  • Commented on 'TZ70 '

    MENU > Setup (spanner) > format
    • 17 Dec 2017 11:56PM
  • Commented on 'Photo Mounts'

    50 x 40 cm mount size are for YPU submissions
    • 29 Nov 2017 4:08PM
  • Commented on 'HDRProjects 5'

    HDR 5 .. i use it all the time....extremely good as is all FRANZIS software. On offer through EPZ . worth every penny
    • 17 Nov 2017 4:50PM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off'

    Good news..... Olympus released PEN F Firmware V2.1.
    Up loaded and I'll keep you in touch if it goes belly up again
    • 10 Jul 2017 11:03AM
  • Commented on 'Best lens for landscapes?'

    I went last year to NZ. I went with M4/3 and used a 14 -140 zoom ( 28- 280). It did for me what I wanted but I also took a lumix TZ60 which covered the rest and was easy to carry around. You need days off sometimes. Watch out for the Chinese who are there in droves....don't seem to consider other people when photographing. Enjoy it you'll be hooked and want to return
    • 23 Jun 2017 5:20PM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off'

    Postal costs covered and a speedy response from Olympus. Not after compensation just a usable reliable camera.
    Hopefully it'll be dealt with quickly and the camera is returned fully functioning. I'll be wary about future upgrades from now on but this is the first failure I have had. My thanks to "meyeview" for the email address. Hardest part has been finding a box for packing
    • 12 Jun 2017 6:08PM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off'

    Spoken to olympus ( email) and they want me to send it in to return it to previous firmware. I thought that a firmware update would sort it. Not pleased as it will cost me money to return it + postal insurance. Asking olympus if they will reimburse. Be nice to get an 'official' response as to what the situation is and what they are doing about it after all the camera is far from cheap
    • 12 Jun 2017 4:08PM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off'

    Well the camera will not now start at all. Olympus best be able to deal with this...... not happy. If i remove battery and replace that no longer works.
    • 9 Jun 2017 3:10PM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off'

    Happened the once so far. But I'll take on board your remarks and monitor my camera. Thanks for the information
    • 27 May 2017 8:56PM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off' seems to be working now. Switches on and off. Maybe battery removal aided a reset?
    • 27 May 2017 9:39AM
  • Commented on 'pen-f switching off'

    I too have this problem. I thought it was a dead battery but had to take out and replace battery. Thanks for the heads up. I too await Olympus remedy. Sooner rather than later please
    • 26 May 2017 11:45PM
  • Commented on 'Married Couples Tax Allowance- Anyone have the full details.?'

    I am sorry to say this but this is not to do with photography. If you can submit this request then surely you could Google the answer. It would appear that this forum is getting too broad in its submissions
    • 16 May 2017 4:58PM
  • Commented on 'Competition: 04-05-2017 - Lighthouse '

    Cape Reanga North Island New Zealand
    • 5 May 2017 3:15PM
  • Commented on 'Competition: 04-05-2017 - Lighthouse '

    • 5 May 2017 2:50PM
  • Commented on 'Competition: 04-05-2017 - Lighthouse '

    • 4 May 2017 10:49AM
  • Commented on 'Olympus ORF Files - Arrgh'

    I have a Mk2 EM1 and use LR CC and Photoshop CC.... No problems importing RAW or jpeg
    • 27 Feb 2017 1:18PM
  • Commented on 'Competition: 13-01-2017 - Garden Wildlife'

    yet another garden spider
    • 13 Jan 2017 10:06AM
  • Commented on '100/400 Lens performance.'

    Is there any wind...... is it a bit of motion in the subject matter as you are stating foliage or grass
    • 22 Dec 2016 6:08PM
  • Commented on 'OMD EM1 Mk 2'

    Thank you.... that's more than Olympus has released
    • 1 Nov 2016 4:36PM
  • Commented on 'OMD EM1 Mk 2'

    Does anyone know when the Mk 2 is actually going to be available, seems to be all smoke and mirrors
    • 1 Nov 2016 3:44PM
  • Commented on 'Performance difference if any'

    I'm considering the new 100-400 Panasonic zoom for M43 or the Olympus 300 f4. has anyone done an assessment of performance of both lenses and a comparison as one is nearly twice the price of the other and what is the relative f stop of the zoom at 300mm.
    • 10 Mar 2016 12:45PM
  • Commented on 'Franzis HDR software'

    No programme is in English..... I have it
    • 26 Jan 2016 12:03AM
  • Commented on 'Post focus firmware V2.0'

    Panasonic just released new firmware for their GX8 giving ability to alter focus after the picture is taken. Got it downloaded and it works....... brilliantly. Will we need an aperture setting in future I wonder?
    • 27 Nov 2015 10:30AM