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Hi everybody.
Thank you for popping in.Hope you find something you like. I'm not brilliant, I just shoot what takes my fancy, so any comments are welcome.
Take care,
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Hi everyone.Have only just been dragged screaming into the twenty first centuary and got on the net(Dec 05)and am still finding my way around.I have lived in Worcestershire all my life, in fact I live today only about two miles away from where I was born.
My interests include astronomy, STEAM railway locomotives,(not surprising, having grown up next to the Lickey incline), music:- Rock'n'Roll( the proper stuff)and classical(Mozart, Handel and Beethoven in that order) and of course photography.
Living in the countryside I am also interested in things natural, so now I have "gone digital" and I can start cluttering up my page with second rate photos, you can expect trains,scenery,fur and feathers!!
You'll probably find that I click and run a lot as I don't have too much time, so you'll have to forgive me for that


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