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Hi everybody.
Thank you for popping in.Hope you find something you like. I'm not brilliant, I just shoot what takes my fancy, so any comments are welcome.
Take care,
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  • Posted on Taya's profile

    Hi Taya,
    Have just had a browse through your PF and I have to agree with motman, IMHO you should get more clicks than you do. But don't be dis-heartened,it takes a while to build up a "following " of people who regularly view ones work. I don't expect I'll get many when am able to start uploading my own pictures until the word gets around so to speak.
    I found your site via the nice comments you left on Arwensgrace's PF. I know she will be thrilled and as soon as she is able, no doubt she will catch up with you. But she is having a spot of bother with her comp at the moment and not having a lot of time during the tourist season,it may be a while before she can get it sorted. So, please accept a "tempory cover note" so to speak, as I thank you on her behalf,we're related you see.
    Take care and keep persevering with your pictures. I'm sure you will learn alot from the comments.
    • 18 Aug 2006 7:40PM
  • Posted on Mari's profile

    A beautiful PF Mari.Have spent manyhappy days in the land of my maternal grandmother's father. Although he was from Llanelly I find the rugged beauty of the north more to my liking.When ever I cross the border I get a feeling of going home, even though I am a Midlander. Keep up the good work.
    Take care,
    • 11 May 2006 2:31PM
  • Posted on mattberry's profile

    Oh boy! What a fabulous pf. Shall have to keep an eye on you, so you're on my fav list.
    Best wishes,
    • 21 Jan 2007 12:55PM

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