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  • 5D MkII Flash probs

    It happens if only using a sppedlite.Or using stobes with a lead, not using together
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  • Posted on RobertTurley's profile

    Great stuff..
    • 10 Mar 2014 8:45AM
  • Posted on franken's profile

    Inspirational !
    • 4 Feb 2012 5:53AM
  • Posted on lianna's profile

    Great Portfolio, Thanks for your comments. Bob (Broadstairs)
    • 6 Oct 2011 3:52PM
  • Posted on johnnyboy114's profile

    Re " Fine"
    It was not a great image, exposure, composition. Thats why I played with it.
    Thanks for all your comments, very welcome.
    You have some great images.

    • 17 Feb 2011 6:21PM

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