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Hi, Welcome to my space, I hope you like my photography! I realise that the bulk of my work is of one valley and almost one view but as the conditions change so does the atmosphere. I love living in Wasdale and love documenting it's ever changing moods.....
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  • Ullswater Shoreline II by Coloured_Images

    Cracking shot Mike to your usual calibre. God I miss living in the lakes and being able to pop out with my camera! It's not been used since I left but having a trip to Borrowdale next week for a job I will head out with an old colleague and the gear....
    • 30 Sep 2020 11:21AM
  • In the Herdsmanís Shadow by PaulMillar

    Lovely shot Paul...
    • 9 May 2020 11:10AM
  • Late winter, Wasdale by BobShaw

    Quote:Beautiful, Bob.
    Honeymooned at the Wadale Head, one January many moons ago.
    Cold but the ice climbing on Great End was pretty good.
    Sure know how to give a girl a good timeWink

    • 14 Sep 2019 10:48PM
  • That Wasdale glow by BobShaw


    Quote:So, this is what it looks like when it's not cloudy, Bob.Wink
    Super composition and colour!

    Yep, it does happen Grin
    • 5 Sep 2019 3:56PM
  • Kirkjufell by BobShaw

    Quote:I would have said that this was an old volcanic plug but I noticed it was all sedimentary layers to the top.
    Wonderful sceneSmile

    It is a 3my old lava flow basement with a mix of thin sedimentary layers along with lava flows and then a rough volcanic topping called Hyaloclastite - this is a volcaniclastic accumulation or breccia consisting of glass (from the Greek hyalus) fragments (clasts) formed by quench fragmentation of lava flow surfaces during submarine or subglacial extrusion. The sedimentary layers will be formed from the erosion of existing lava flows and deposited in water, probably at some time when the sea levels were higher and the crust will have been pushed further down in to the earths mantle due to the sheer weight of rock...
    • 4 Feb 2019 7:05PM
  • DC-3 by BobShaw

    Quote:wonderful long exposure, you must of had time to make a coffee while waitingGrin

    I don't think we took the flask out with us to the plane, however there was a Swiss couple there at the same time and they cooked themselves a fondue and event shared some with us! Top location for some melty cheese Smile
    • 3 Feb 2019 8:05PM
  • Bruarfoss, Iceland by BobShaw

    Quote:Wonderful ice capture but I can not judge its size. I suspect itís massive Smile

    I also had no idea how big the drop was on the main falls. I was under the impression it could be around 5m but it turns out it's less than 2 metres, prob closer to 1.5m. Despite it's relatively diminutive size it's no less impressive to view Smile
    • 30 Dec 2018 4:53PM
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  • Posted on: Benro Travel Angel FTA18CV0 Tripod Review

    I've used a variant of this tripod - and although it's compact and easy to carry I found the head to be fiddly to use and really couldn't get on with the long neck of this and any breeze would make the camera wobble.... no good for long exposures in my book. Also the locking mechanisms on each section were not the quickest to use... shame really.
    • 21 Jan 2016 5:53PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Thank you guys for doing this. I realise this makes us look like ungrateful winners of a prize but the was an element of disappointment when the original box was delivered.

    Onwards and into the next chapter and looking forward to using the tripod!!
    • 5 Sep 2013 9:43AM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    "Manfrotto is giving away four 290 Series carbon fibre tripods each worth £215!" as the original headline went. If this is checked out on various selling sites then these include a 3 way head for this price; the image in the competition shows a 3 way head, surely the prize would include a 3 way head...? The original competition certainly didn't say "head not included"
    • 4 Sep 2013 1:16AM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Hi Nik, thanks for looking into this to clear it up....
    • 29 Aug 2013 11:05AM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Well, it seems like EPZ or manfrotto don't want to be drawn into this one, anyone else any thoughts??
    • 28 Aug 2013 7:11PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Quote:My wife has just said the perfect thing.

    Trades descriptions breach! They have advertised a tripod with a head and sent out one without, they have not provided what they said they would. I don't recall seeing anything saying there would not be a head!

    I'm sure they will do the right thing here!

    Indeed I have been thinking exactly the same thing. I did have a look at the original competition notice and there was no mention of the fact that it would be a tripod only, no head included, so ones expectation would be that it would be the whole shebang! I too would expect that they (Manfrotto? as they are providing the prize/images) would do the right thing in this situation.....
    • 24 Aug 2013 5:09PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    I doubt it very much Steven, my feeling is ''that's all folks''..... I feel so ungrateful though by saying all this! I would love to be proven wrong....
    • 23 Aug 2013 11:00PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Well the tripod arrived today, but no head! I don't want to sound like I'm being ungrateful because I'm certainly not, just a little disappointed as the picture shows a tripod and head! Is this correct? Am I being too demanding?? Assumption really is the mother of all f*** ups...
    • 23 Aug 2013 12:04PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Hi Nik,

    Thanks for looking into this, and thanks for the update...
    • 15 Aug 2013 4:44PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    I'm still waiting too.....
    • 15 Aug 2013 2:46PM
  • Posted on: Manfrotto Competition Winners Announced

    Indeed thank you from me too! Never won any competition before so this is the best news for me..... well done to the other winners and shortlisteds too...Smile
    • 8 Jul 2013 8:11PM

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