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Hi everyone. I am Peter and I would love to hear your comments on any of my images. I am always keen to learn from others
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  • Loneliness

    As many of you will already know I have felt bitter about being kicked off another photosharing site for not producing images that were photographic enough. I am getting over that now - not least because of the much more welcoming and open minded at...0


    22 Nov 2015 4:07PM  |  Read


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  • Selling

    I would love to sell some of my work. :D. My work doesn't sell. :( I have listened to lots of people on various photography & artwork websites. The same messages come across over and over again. 1. You must be constantly active on Social Med...0


    8 Sep 2015 1:28PM  |  Read


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  • From Mind to Screen

    Well I did say that I would try to explain the process by which thoughts and ideas in my mind become images on the screen of my PC. Well, here goes. This was the image that started this blog post...... Why this image ? Well in my mind I was...0


    23 Aug 2015 7:33PM  |  Read


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  • Problem Solving

    I know that many of you will not consider my recent uploads to here to be photography. As readers of my blog will know, that was certainly true of the other photography community where I was a member. I say "was" because I got banned for uploading no...0


    17 Aug 2015 11:42AM  |  Read


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  • Al Capone reborn

    Remember all the films about American gangsters - Al Capone, Lucky Luciano etc. Think Boardwalk Empire and you will get the picture. Well that is an era that has always fascinated me. I have always been interested in Social History. Even at schoo...0


    5 Aug 2015 3:49PM  |  Read


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  • The Price of being Unfaithful

    Last week I paid the ultimate price for infidelity. Some of you will remember that I was a regular user of ePHOTOzine until about 18 months ago. I wrote a blog on here and commented on lots of images on here. I made quite a few friends on here tha...0


    3 Aug 2015 7:36PM  |  Read


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  • Creative absence.

    Those of you that follow my gallery submissions ( or even both of you ! ) may have noticed a recent drought. I have not been uploading photos as frequently as I would have liked. The truth is that i have been busy on another project related to Photog...0


    17 Jun 2013 7:16PM  |  Read


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  • Desperately seeking style

    It has been an unusual year for me. I have really moved towards digital art, sometimes to the extent that i felt I had to upload the odd "real" photo just to remind myself and others that I can still shoot a decent image. Otherwise it has been a case...0


    12 Apr 2013 8:54PM  |  Read


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  • Old Masters

    Those of you who have viewed my entries onto this blog will have gained the impression that I love anything new and digital. That is true, but I also have a soft spot for some things much older. In terms of images I like things going back to the days...0


    27 Mar 2013 9:10PM  |  Read


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  • A New Style

    This year i have concentrated on trying to move into more abstract images. often they have been so abstract and digitally manipulated that no one has been able to work out what image was beneath all the layers. It has been fun. I have enjoyed every m...0


    20 Mar 2013 8:37PM  |  Read


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  • The Church Across the Road

    I live in a village. Well more of a commuter base for Cardiff than a proper village if I am honest. It straddles the main A48 trunk road. It is probably most easily recognised because of its three pubs, but there is also an old church on the main ro...0


    15 Mar 2013 11:37AM  |  Read


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  • Contrasts

    Back to my project 52. The latest theme was "contrasts". Should have been easy, but with the weather over the last week this turned out, surprisingly to be hard to get anything. In the end I had to resort to adding elements of contrast in the studio ...0


    12 Mar 2013 3:20PM  |  Read


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  • A Versatile Flower

    Sunday Night and nothing on TV ( again ! ) What is a man to do ? Well obviously he gets he computer fired up and opens up an image of a flower - don't we all ????? ;) I opened a fairly straightforward image I had taken of a flower some time ago. ...0


    11 Mar 2013 5:42PM  |  Read


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  • Black

    This week was still life as a theme in my project 52. I was busy during the week but managed to find time on saturday to go to the local market/ boot sale to browse around for some things to include in a still life. I came away with nothing. Somehow ...0


    3 Mar 2013 7:16PM  |  Read


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  • Spider's Web

    Today I posted an image onto the gallery. It was part of last week's Project 52 task, where the theme was abstract. I called it spider's web. There were a few images in this series, all based on an initial starting image ( the task I set myself ) I w...0


    26 Feb 2013 9:00PM  |  Read


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