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Hi everyone. I am Peter and I would love to hear your comments on any of my images. I am always keen to learn from others
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8 Sep 2015 1:28PM   Views : 1042 Unique : 517

I would love to sell some of my work. Grin.

My work doesn't sell. Sad

I have listened to lots of people on various photography & artwork websites. The same messages come across over and over again.

1. You must be constantly active on Social Media, because people won't come to your site if they don't know it exists.
1a. Social Media is a waste of time as you only appeal to other photographers/ artists who don't buy art or photographs

2. Forget your preferences and research what people actually buy
2A. Stick to what you like doing and it will then stand a chance of showing through in your work

3. Put plenty out there for sale
3A. Be ruthless in editing out anything in your portfolio that it not your best work

Currently my favourite is.....

4. Develop a style and build a reputation around your unique approach - all great artists have a clearly recognised style

currently I have not heard much of the alternative suggestion

4A. Try everything, something must work

To be honest I think I will just accept that I like my work and sod the rest of you if you don't ! Well actually that isn't really true. I have actually got into that all too common state of mind of anyone with a keen interest in any subject. I have developed "blinker vision". By this I mean that I now can't stop judging myself on the basis of whether I sell anything or not. It used to be a matter of how many "likes" I got on each image, but I realised that quite often this merely reflected how much effort you put into "liking" other people's work, however bad it was. Some people are clearly popular on sites like this because their work is outstanding, but I have seen ones who submit consistent "ordinariness" of questionable quality

I don't know what to do. I have not cracked what it is that separates brilliant from OK. I still can't see why people will people to just look at Tracey Emin's unmade bed, yet no-one wants to come and see mine, even though it is a lot tidier than hers ! Wink

One thing I DO KNOW though is that spending hours and hours working on Digital Abstract Art is a lonely experience without any feedback at all.

So as a last resort - will someone please "like" my work Wink

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Dave_Henderson Avatar
8 Sep 2015 6:06PM
I can understand some of your frustration Peter. I find your work both visually and creativally appealing. I have some idea of the work that goes into digital art, I've had one or two goes myself.
As for selling something it seems as if the more exposure your work has the more chance there would be of it getting noticed. I gave up on this idea years ago and now just enjoy spending time "at it"
If you look through my portfolio you'll notice I've had a go at everything (none of it much good). It seems as if every few weeks that passes I think of something else to have a go at. I don't know wether this is a good or bad thing, only that I enjoy a change now and again.
Keep plugging away at it Peter, I for one will look forward to your uploads.

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