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A quick view of Boris_MB's recent activity.

  • Freedom

    Thanks for the comments! Smile As for the lightning, it's natural sunlight, I only darked out the sky.
    • 30 Mar 2009 10:39AM
  • Dante

    Thanks for the comments! Smile
    • 15 Dec 2008 9:20PM
  • Faith

    Thanks Dimitre!
    • 30 Nov 2008 7:42AM
  • The Strength of a Woman

    Thanks for the comment Ken. Believe me, she was there. She almost froze because she was almost naked, and it was very cold. I bet you couldn't guess from this photo, but just a couple of minutes before it was taken, it snowed really hard. Smile
    As for the blurriness, it was made on purpose. I wanted to make a glamorous atmosphere. Maybe I overdid it, but I like it. But, on the other hand, I always look at it on a black background, and it looks much better then. It could be that it's too dark for a light background. Anyway, thanks! Smile
    • 28 Nov 2008 10:24PM
  • Animals

    Thanks! I went through a lot of trouble to get it this way. Smile
    • 8 Nov 2008 7:12PM
  • Hand in hand

    Thanks for all the comments! Smile
    • 18 Oct 2008 4:55PM
  • Unwanted Guest

    Thanks for the comments! Smile
    I'm happy with the detail level considering that the shutter speed was 4/1s... I think he was sleeping, and they get like that when they sleep.
    • 15 Oct 2008 5:16PM
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