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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my pages.

Thank you for taking a look and for all your comments and votes. I hope I will learn from them and load ever better photographs
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  • Caerfanell Falls

    Thanks for your kind words. It is a lovely spot, a few miles out of Brecon. We were there for 3 days at the end of October, starting in the Wye Valley, and it wasn't till Brecon that we broke out of heavy mist. I met 2 local photographers (by their accent Smile ) at Tal-y-Bont reservoir. They told me about this place but said it is normally much more of a torrent. Wales had had a surprisingly dry late summer and Autumn. It was such a short visit and I'm hoping to get more time there soon.

    This photo was also my first attempt at focus stacking
    • 9 Mar 2017 8:13AM
  • Roadside barn in France

    Good comments, thank you very much. There was a reason for the close crop. I'm hoping the pile of black plastic silage bags will be gone next time I pass.

    I've done all the changes in Lightroom and I do have a very contrasty version as well, but I just preferred this. I'm still honing my dodge and burn skills so I'll practice some more and maybe upload another person

    Thanks again
    • 18 Jan 2016 6:43PM
  • wet and dreary xmas

    OK, this is one of my first goes at critique and I'm not claiming to be an expert ...

    Nice sharp foreground and some good bokeh with the lights. I'm a little distracted by the person in the background and whatever those grey vertical lines are. Maybe if they were made darker so they faded into the shadows more.

    I'm also left wondering what the rest of the little man looks like, but maybe there was nothing to see
    • 20 Dec 2015 6:44AM
  • A wet day in Tulle

    We went back to Tulle on a better day with a better camera and they'd only painted the wall white! Not the same at all
    • 20 Dec 2015 6:31AM
  • licquorice allsorts

    I took a similar photo in Chepstow the other week - row of houses with bow windows. I was closer to the row so the view was further down the street. Looking at yours, I could have done the same thing and I wish I had. Thanks for reminding me to move around more Grin
    • 17 Nov 2015 12:43PM
  • Wheat

    Thanks for all the lovely comments.
    • 16 Jun 2015 3:45PM
  • Cosmic Splash

    Thank you for sharing this Cyril, and sorry you've had so little response.

    I'm not going to critique it because I'm looking at it on my office monitor, designed for processing spreadsheets and never calibrated in it's entire (and long) life. As far as I can see it looks sharp where it needs to be and it's a very pleasing image. It's always nice to know how someone accomplished something, so thanks again for taking the trouble
    • 6 Mar 2015 1:16PM
  • Pretty blue flower

    I think it's Nigella, or Love-in-a-mist. If you don't mind a suggestion, I'd be inclined to edit out the orange flower, as it's a bit loud and distracting Smile
    • 3 Mar 2015 4:38PM
  • Bournemouth Pier at dawn

    Thanks for the feedback

    Karl, it helps that I only live 4 miles away...

    We've all done that though
    • 27 Feb 2015 5:22PM

    I wouldn't change a thing. It's lovely and so is she
    • 27 Feb 2015 12:50PM
  • Manhattan

    I like this a lot. No doubt the unmanipulated version is pretty good too. The colours are gorgeous

    The bottom edge is bothering me a bit. It seems kind of empty compared to the rest of the picture, and I might have cropped it, but other than that, I'd be happy to have it on my wall
    • 29 Sep 2013 8:06AM
  • Jake the Peg

    He's not mine. He's Mum's dog. I think he's giving HER a second chance. LOL
    • 28 Sep 2013 6:58PM
  • Valentré Bridge, Cahors

    Thank you. I took a couple of shots like this and then waited until I could get something with no-one in it. When I looked closer though, the empty shot didn't look real and having people in the frame gave it some scale.
    • 27 Sep 2013 10:10PM
  • Blue Heron

    I think a bit more blurring of the background wouldn't go amiss, but that's being picky. Lovely detail in the subject, and that's what matters
    • 17 Sep 2013 1:31PM
  • Tides Out

    Smelling the seaweed; hearing the gulls.
    • 31 Jul 2013 2:06PM

    Nice shot despite the uninspiring title. LOL Grin

    I've spent years trying to photograph my horse. I'd love to have one of him without the head-collar but frankly I'm just happy if I can get one of him looking up. Keeping his head off the grass has been the work of my life
    • 8 Jul 2012 9:48AM
  • *Pink Rose Bud*

    Fabulous image. As I've gazed at my garden through the rain of the last few days I have to admit the rain is good for the colours (not to mention the plants themselves). You make me feel guilty for not dragging myself out there to capture a few of my own. Maybe this afternoon ...
    • 8 Jul 2012 9:42AM
  • Promenade.

    Stunning! I'm with LynneJoyce - come on Cor, give us some clues Smile
    • 25 Mar 2012 8:38AM
  • Meadow

    It was France - northern Dordogne. I thought I tagged it when I uploaded it, but I'm on my iPhone and it's not easy to check atm.

    It was quite well established in the garden of the house we own there. We don't cut the grass in the meadow until the flowers have done their thing.

    Thanks for identifying it
    • 1 Jun 2011 3:44PM
  • welsh mono

    Great picture. Definitely worth more then the 6 votes it's got so far. Have one from me
    • 22 Feb 2011 7:39PM
  • *Do We Eat It ?*

    You can get them all over the place in my part of the world (Bournemouth). All the supermarkets have them - at a price. I tried growing them myself last year but the pigeons had them before they managed to produce a head :-(
    • 11 Feb 2011 1:59PM
  • shaft

    Just lovely. Beautiful light
    • 5 Feb 2011 7:57AM
  • The Piano Has Been Drinking.

    Did you ever/do you work for Unisys? Certain aspects of your work bring back less than wonderful memories for me. Apart from that, I'm loving the uploads
    • 3 Feb 2011 6:32PM
  • Intimate moment

    I guess the out-of-focus leaf is to spare their blushes
    • 28 Jan 2011 12:34PM
  • The Dreaded Dishpan

    Get a dishwasher - more time for photography then LOL
    • 28 Jan 2011 12:32PM
  • ...

    Marvellous. Wish I could find out how to do this kind of processing. Are their any forums/tutorials out there?
    • 22 Jan 2011 7:59AM
  • Omodos Village Cyprus

    Wish I was there ...
    • 13 Jan 2011 12:28PM
  • Delicate

    Reminds me of a hibiscus - but not one I could Identify. Lovely, anyway
    • 16 Dec 2010 1:20PM
  • Frosted rose

    Lovely rose, lovely light, but the background lets it down. Some more blur or a different angle to exclude the brick and the hosepipe would have done wonders
    • 16 Nov 2010 12:45PM
  • Waiting

    I like the fence - a nice crisp contrast against the soft reflections in the water. I think it could do with a bit of straightening though. The water looks like it falling to the right
    • 16 Nov 2010 12:37PM