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been here before...thought I would try again!....still trying to be as varied and creative as possible with my chosen obsession.....nothing is safe from my prying lens...legally that is!
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A quick view of bornstupix2's recent activity.

  • Experimental 1

    Striking it!
    • 15 Jul 2019 1:12PM
  • Princess of the poppies

    tough shot to get spot on....back light is always more difficult than it looks....fabulous image....and IMO fill flash would render it a little contrived....stuart
    • 8 Jul 2019 7:28PM
  • Melancholy

    A quick glance at the thumbnail image on the latest photos page and there is a hint of a naked figure with some sort odd ethnic beaded head gear......I know....says more about me than the image but I scan thru the new posts quickly and then go back and open the ones that catch my eye, often repeating the exercise several times....the joy of retirement with mild insomnia and the Southern France heat waves.
    • 25 Jun 2019 10:51PM
  • Drops

    They look like St. Jacques....great picture.....
    • 25 Jun 2019 10:19PM
  • Silence

    All three are great images but the green caste of V1 is in my opinion superb......its an image that would stand the "old plate camera" treatment beloved of so many software photo filters.
    • 24 Jun 2019 11:54AM
  • Patience

    beautiful work.....the quality of your output continues to it.....stuart
    • 24 Jun 2019 11:49AM
  • A Walk on the Pier (A Blue Day)

    Youre has that 1930s painterly effect so beloved of UK railway posters.....I would add that the originals were always a little warmer where summer images where concerned but this is a great shot and good processing......stuart
    • 24 Jun 2019 11:42AM
  • You have a real eye for a photograph....whether its spontaneous or carefully considered I cant tell but the images speak for themselves.....great portfolio.
  • I love your work.....edgy....striking........with a real urgency.......a pleasure to see monochrome images pushed to the limit.
  • beautiful bird images both here and on your website