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Hi ! I'd like to Welcome you to Ephotozine and Show You some Pics I've taken and posted here.
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Hi. This is truely a great web site !
( Especially for those who enjoy web photography. )

I've been a student of photography ever since the 60's where I studied at San Franciso's Academy of Art. Then located at 908 Sutter Street. Our Professors really put us through the "Hoops" with regards to photo shoots and real 'hands-on' getting aquainted with our photo equipment at the Academy! They strongly advised all of the students ...that IF we really wished to learn about photography...that it would be best for us to go out and begin shooting roll after roll after roll of film in order to become aquainted with film, camera, aperture settings, focusing, film speeds and why the different speeds are esscential, light and light sources as well as meter settings and to include, Depth of field studys were also a "must" at the Academy. We'd bring our rolls of film via Proof Sheets, to class afterwards for the instructors to guide us better upon seeing what we had photographed and how. I remember starting out with a 35mm Honeywell Pentax SLR Camera way back then. Upon gathering my camera gear, I'd bravely go out into the city of San Fransico and ever so boldly begin taking pictures!
I now own a New Nikon System w/135mm Nikor Tele and a Pentax Z-XM SLR and both are Film 35mm. A Canon 35mm and an Intel Digital PC Cam....More recently however, and after much much debate,...I recently purchased a New Sony Cybershots DSC-F828 Camera in the 8 Mega Pixels standing. It's an Awesome Camera and it definitely... puts all the "Phun"... Back Into Photography...!


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