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I look at the simplicity of the very best photos on this site and realise that the real art of photography is seeing the "moment". It's certainly a challenge.

Thanks for viewing my photos,

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A quick view of Boyoclark's recent activity.

  • Man in white suit

    Hi Sue,

    Yep I can see the crop working. I suppose I was thinking the ceiling of this walkway is interesting and leaving the crop tall gave the viewer the full awareness of how stylish and grand it is. The lights are however a distraction. Bryan
    • 8 Aug 2009 9:20AM
  • Reflections

    Excellent Bernie. Very eye catching and unusual. Bryan
    • 28 Jun 2009 5:12PM
  • Carew castle and tidal mill

    Hi Sue. I like infra red and this is a fine example. Bryan
    • 19 Apr 2009 12:13PM
  • Towards

    Thanks all for your clicks and comments. Very much appreciated. Bryan
    • 6 Apr 2009 8:46PM
  • Six lanes

    Thanks all for the clicks and comments. Sue.. the walkway was actually the M5, not the M4 as stated and was at the Michael Wood services near juntion 14.
    • 1 Apr 2009 11:05PM
  • Friendly native

    Love the lines and colours of V1 Bernie. Bryan
    • 20 Mar 2009 8:09PM
  • The Glove goes to Town 2

    Very nice and quirky. Bryan
    • 20 Mar 2009 8:06PM
  • Really interesting portfolio of work. Your photos make a mockery of how votes are given. They are much more deserving. Saved to favourites for inspiration. Bryan
  • Fantastic photos Tommy. Quite excellent.
  • Very interesting portfolio.
  • I love your B&W work Bernie. Your studies of people are first rate and I've logged you on my favourites for inspiration. Great stuff.
    • Posted on imagio's profile
    • 19 May 2008 8:19PM
  • Smashing portfolio. Real high quality.
    • Posted on MalcolmS's profile
    • 17 May 2008 11:47PM
  • Cracking portfolio. Really classy images.
    • Posted on RoddBC's profile
    • 17 May 2008 6:19PM
  • Really interesting portfolio. The photos speak for themselves which is refreshing. I've just started doing some film and will look to your work for inspiration.
  • Cracking portfolio, love the street photography. An inspiration for me to improve.

  • Nice work. Great movement in your photos
    • Posted on NevP's profile
    • 20 Apr 2008 4:51PM
  • Great portfolio of work. The B& W images have a serene quality. Very impressive.