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I look at the simplicity of the very best photos on this site and realise that the real art of photography is seeing the "moment". It's certainly a challenge.

Thanks for viewing my photos,

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  • Thanks, This is very useful. Bryan
  • Thanks Peter. Tried them and they don't do it. I've decided to bite the bullet and use Alpha Digital who are the Contax official UK repairers. They confirmed that if I didn't accept the repair quote from Japan, they would return my camera at no cost. Pretty good I thought but expect it to take a while!
  • My Contax G2 appears to have suffered a shutter problem and is in need of inspection and possible repair. Does anyone know of a suitable repair company in the UK that could undertake such work? The Contax site has a recommended repairer in Reading but they have advised they will send the camera to Japan! Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks. Bryan
  • Two Bryan Clarks at work, so called me Boyo( Welsh valley origins and all that) to differentiate us in conversation. Stuck my surname to this.
  • Thanks everyone for your views. I've not had enough time to digest them all, especially your e-mail CathyT. Thanks for this.

    From what I've gleaned however, it may just be down to my poor technique. I'll concentrate on this over the forthcoming weeks and post the results.

    Finally, yes it is 50mm. Slip of the fingers. Perhaps this is the problem after all !!?

    Thanks again,

  • Hi. Yep, use all the tools. Will try some tests on the lenses. Have a 18-70mm, 55-200mm and 52mm.
  • Hi There. I use a Nikon D80 with Nikkor lenses but I'm never fully happy with the sharpness of my shots.I don't use any in-camera sharpening and use Photoshop CS3 and the Unsharp mask filter to recognised levels. I always shoot in Raw but tend not to use the RAW converter(CS3)sharpening tool. Still the photos are not as crisp as I'd like and if I use any more sharpening, they look oversharpened with a grainy effect.
    Has anyone else suffered this problem with the D80 or has any ideas to improve the overall sharpness?