Hello to all on this site,
There are so many wonderful images that I've seen in such a short space of time so I'm pleased to have discovered this's nice to be here!
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  • In The Light Of The Machine

    Many thanks indeed....appreciated!....Brian
    • 24 Apr 2014 1:24PM
  • Celtic Lass

    Thank you...appreciated!
    • 7 Sep 2013 10:53AM
  • Alaskan Bald Eagle In Full Portrait

    Quote:Wow great shot like from me. christineGrinGrinGrinGrin

    My appreciation for your given award...many thanks!
    • 18 Apr 2013 3:35PM
  • Lightened

    Quote:Low lighting but enough to make this a great image, John.

    Thanks John...Feathering the light is simple but effective, especially in mono portraiture!
    • 17 Apr 2013 3:31PM
  • The Great Grey Owl In Portrait

    Thanks everyone for all your very kind comments...appreciated!
    • 14 Apr 2013 6:48PM
  • The Fight Club

    Very much appreciated Tarek...thank you!
    • 13 Feb 2013 4:18PM
  • Woodland Beauty

    Quote:Excellent colours beautiful face nice light used-----MilkyWink

    Thanks very much!.....well appreciated!
    • 11 Feb 2013 3:24PM
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  • A lovely collection of work Nathan.....congrats!
    • Posted on NDODS's profile
    • 28 Jul 2012 3:13PM