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Welcome to my portfolio. Very much a keen amateur, I tend to concentrate on landscapes and architecture - they stay still!!
Hope you like the shots.
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  • The Art of Still Life by braddy

    Many thanks everyone. I will take everything on board and try again. One general lesson is not to post anything that I can already see failings in myself!! I'm letting myself down and wasting the time of others. The NY mug and the irrelevant backdrop sketch are cases in point.
    Most items are pristine because they were a re-stock for a course I am going on next week. I'll repost when I get back and hopefully there will be some signs of use to make the image less contrived!!
    In my repost I will try to address (a) replacement of the Yankees mug with a more neutral brush holder, (b) a more relevant background, (c) signs of use, (d) less clutter, (d) removal of the reflections, (e) more balance to the lighting.
    In the meantime, Janet, I always have your portfolio where I can find inspiration - and get some understanding of how far I have to go in this particular discipline!! It is superb!

    • 19 Sep 2019 3:23PM
  • Old Man of Storr Dawn by braddy

    Yes it has been a while since I have posted. Thanks for the welcome back. I wasn't aware the critique gallery was separate from the main one. I'll bear that in mind. This is a shot which I was really pleased with - as much because of the effort it took to get there!! As far as critique is concerned, I am reasonably happy at the technical level and am looking for comments on the artistic/compositional side. The location is probably shot to death and although I am delighted to get the capture, I am looking for pointers for something which might make it stand out from the rest.
    I can see that it is possibly not truly level, dudler. I do use my on board camera level and for panos, level my tripod too, but I was probably fooled at the stitch and crop stage into thinking the pinnacle is more up and down, whereas it leans to the left as your example shows. Your example is also good to demonstrate what might have been included - did I miss a trick by not including the high cliffs?
    Also, should I have gone a bit further in correcting the magenta cast I got from my ND grad filter (or is it only noticeable now that I have pointed it out!!)?
    • 2 Sep 2019 11:27AM
  • Moody and Dramatic by braddy

    Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.
    • 13 Sep 2017 4:54PM
  • Help I can't see by busy

    That's some hat!!
    • 27 Oct 2016 6:04PM
  • Stone Jetty on Loch Ard by braddy

    Thanks for the comments, Nathan. Much appreciated.

    • 15 Oct 2016 8:42PM
  • Blegberry / Blackpool Mill by Tynnwrlluniau

    Terrific shot, well composed and beautifully processed. A real piece of fine art.
    • 15 Oct 2016 7:37PM
  • Sign of the Times by ken j.

    Says it all!!
    • 15 Oct 2016 7:27PM
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  • Posted on Scottishlandscapes's profile

    Great PF with a good mix of iconic and out-of-the-way vistas. Majestic reflections (I have a bit of a thing for reflections!!)
    • 28 May 2012 5:03PM

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