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Just call me Bren Smile

Now trying to define my images to a style of my own.... not easy I might add!

Feel free to leave some comments on my pics, thanks for looking Smile

Bren Smile
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  • Chasing the Light, Cavtat, Croatia by awhyu

    Real Nice matey Wink
    • 3 Jun 2014 2:37PM
  • 'The Blue Crystal' by BrainResin

    Thanks for all your comments Wink And an Editors Award GrinGrinGrinGrin Thank you sir Wink

    This is one of our group of togs looking up towards an opening in the cave, the shafts of light piercing through this opening is giving that white light in the top half of the frame. I have some images looking up these openings that I'm going to process soon.

    • 8 Apr 2014 2:56AM
  • Kirkjufell by BrainResin

    Thanks for the great comment everyone Wink Niknut thank you so much for your User award it's really appreciated.

    • 27 Mar 2014 9:11PM
  • Aurora Level: Extreme! by BrainResin

    Well we were high on adrenaline and beers plus a 20 hour day Grin So it was the only way any of us could stay still for long enough to get in a shot Wink
    • 26 Mar 2014 11:56PM
  • The Entrance by BrainResin

    WOW Thank you all for your comments and I'm blown away that this image has made the POTW GrinGrin Thank you all so much.

    • 18 Mar 2014 1:10PM
  • Tidal Trees by CraigBill

    That's fecking lovely Wink
    • 12 Mar 2014 1:38AM
  • Skógafoss by BrainResin

    Thanks ever so much for your user awards Jaktis & Gavin_Duxbury it's really appreciated.

    • 10 Mar 2014 8:27PM

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  • Posted on almiles's profile

    Fantastic portfolio of work here AlanGrinGrinGrin
    • 12 Feb 2013 2:33PM
  • Posted on derekhansen's profile

    Awesome PF DerekSmileSmile All stunning imagesGrinGrin

    • 14 Nov 2011 8:27PM
  • Posted on chris-p's profile

    Ahhh Chris your work is just awesome manGrinGrin Stunning body of work and I only got to the second page and I had to leave a commentSmile

    • 31 Oct 2011 12:41AM

Limited to latest 30 results.