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A quick view of Bridgelayer's recent activity.

  • Singapore Harbour and Casino

    Daisymaye, it's actually modeled on a ship and looks amazing perched hundreds of feet up.
    • 24 Feb 2012 8:19PM
  • Young Kookaburra

    Thanks for the votes! It was just one of many snaps that caught the moment that this little fella was saying, "Come on sport, feed me!"
    • 30 Oct 2011 6:25PM
  • Heron Sunrise

    Thanks for the comments folks. Heron Island, just on the Barrier Reef near Gladstone IS isolated. Very rarely do you see more than a hundred guests on the island and you never bump into your next door neighbour from UK. What you do get to do is swim with sharks, sting rays and all the usual exotic reef fish. No underwater pics with my camera and the missus bought 2 disposables but forgot to pack em.
    • 13 Dec 2007 10:00AM

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