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Thanks for looking at my ever so humble PF. I hope you enjoy looking at the varied photographs
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A quick view of Britman's recent activity.

  • Poppy

    Quote:I have an assistance dog,Spirit and she is a Hearing Dog for Deaf People, she is a Black Labrador and she is simply wonderful.
    Poppy Looks a very good dog and you have captured her so well.


    Thanks Rock,
    Well she is a good dog if not a bit naughty Grin Tongue
    • 4 Apr 2014 6:39PM
  • Hazel Eyes.

    Thank you.
    I know what you mean about the mole but Hazel doesn't like it being removed.
    • 13 Jan 2012 1:47PM
  • cant think of a suitable title.

    Fare points. Levitation is the wrong title.
    • 21 Aug 2011 4:39PM
  • Wild

    Thank you all.
    • 4 Aug 2011 6:50AM
  • Pixie

    Thanks so much for the honest options.

    I've other where she does have her tilted to one side but I felt they didn't work, will go back and have another look after seeing Willies mods.
    I agree, a nice smile would have been better. I'll also have a look at the piercing and mole.
    • 10 Jun 2011 9:27AM
  • How Much for the Extension?

    Really nice love the colour.
    • 8 Jan 2011 5:00PM
  • The Return of The Saint?

    Thanks for the comments guys.
    • 8 Jan 2011 4:09PM
  • Awesome Danny.
  • Geoff you have a wonderful portfolio and all the pictures are presented superbly.
  • Hey Emma,
    Great mix of pictures in your PF.
  • Stunning PF Leigh, got here from you're thread about selling your pictures. You have the photographic skill that's for sure.
  • Very surreal images, I really like what you've done. Not normally my thing but these have got my attention.

  • Superb, I'm not really a flower person but looking at your PF is enough to inspire me to have a go.

    • Posted on chrissd's profile
    • 21 Jul 2007 10:23PM
  • Superb portfolio John. Your wildlife shots are some of the best I've seen on EPZ.

  • Fantastic aviation shots Steve. I can only dream that the Southport airshow gets planes like the F-16 or Migs. We're stuck with Typhoons and Red Arrows, which I'll never tire off.
  • Very nice PF. Loving your flower shots. I've tried it but can never get the lighting right.
  • Ian you've got a great PF there. You're the man when it come to getting shots of the iron men.