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  • Sunburst

    Excellent shot, different from the norm, lighting works very well.
    • 19 Feb 2012 7:57PM
  • Zorro

    Love the eyes ,super shot.
    • 11 Dec 2011 9:51PM
  • ZEEBA, a barn cat

    Superb expression, from the look of those ears, seen some action too! Very good pic.
    • 11 Dec 2011 9:45PM
  • Buzzard at dusk

    Great shot Col your best yet, keep up the good work.

    Geoff and Pen
    • 11 Nov 2011 10:15PM
  • you may not like this but I do!

    Quote:V1 for me it's a hoot if every I had one, good for you doing what you did, it's no dafter than some of the other things I see here daily. I'm not sure what the Jewish sign is about with shakespeare? Maybe somebody will know.


    Quote:I love it, Ann, all the views! How delightful - why can't all streetlights be as charming! I noticed the sign with the menorah - is there a connection with the figures at the top? I wouldn't think so.

    Do like the pics very unusual, and interesting, not easy to get a clear shot and near my old haunts.
    To answer above, various places were asked to sponsor a lampost in the town. This one was sponsored by Israel, hence the Jewish connection, and features The Owl, from The Owl & Pussycat. Bottom, & The Fiddler from 'on the roof'.

    • 18 Oct 2011 8:35PM
  • It has to be...

    Super shot, slug free garden, can we borrow him!
    • 16 Oct 2011 9:07PM
  • Rainbow falls

    Light and water movement have worked really well,good one.
    • 26 Sep 2011 6:43PM
  • Lights and their reflections

    Very good set of shots, works really well.
    • 26 Sep 2011 6:39PM
  • late september light

    Super shot, the silhouettes just give it that bit extra.
    • 26 Sep 2011 6:37PM
  • Ploughing

    Very good shot, also feel he could been a bit more trad, smock and battered trilby would have been perfect.
    • 26 Sep 2011 6:32PM
  • Fright!

    Superb detail, excellent shot.
    • 26 Sep 2011 6:22PM
  • Over The Garden Fence.

    Really like it, the pigeon is much maligned, but is part of our countryside, good shot.
    • 25 Sep 2011 8:49PM
  • Hanging In!

    Super eye detail, good macro work.
    • 25 Sep 2011 8:37PM
  • Jake Bayford

    Good shot.
    • 25 Sep 2011 8:33PM
  • Reflections

    Good one!
    • 25 Sep 2011 8:17PM
  • Jon Kirkham

    Good sharp shot, nice one.
    • 22 Sep 2011 9:54PM
  • Marco

    Great shot
    • 22 Sep 2011 9:52PM
  • Gone fishin' Osprey style

    I always reckon that something like this, which you will be lucky to see again, and most people will never see, should be shown. I know from a shot I caught of a buzzard, with a rabbit, some time ago, there is only about a second to snatch a picture, and the overall responce agreed this type of shot is definitely worth showing. The added bonus of being able to make the point, about birds being killed, to protect a 'sport' makes it even more worthwhile.
    Many of those who take part in so called 'country sports' may be wealthy, but still have a peasant mentality, that makes them dangerous to any creature.
    • 22 Sep 2011 5:42PM
  • Fritillary

    Very good piccy, nicely caught.
    • 22 Sep 2011 3:27PM
  • Hooked on rust.

    Another good one, shows the texture of the rust to perfection.
    • 22 Sep 2011 3:26PM
  • On my way Down!

    Another super sharp shot, I'm sure you really enjoyed doing this excellent series.
    • 21 Sep 2011 8:41PM
  • Brookes

    Good sharp shot, caught the 'body language' of bike and rider superbly.
    • 21 Sep 2011 8:33PM
  • We'll never set the fastest lap at this rate

    Yeah! this the glamour side that is usually missed, well spotted. Bit of an iffy number for two blokes though!
    • 21 Sep 2011 8:29PM
  • Old bikers

    That is character! super shot.
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:38PM
  • Dragon cloud...

    Very effective, nice one.
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:36PM
  • Otter Trio

    Very nice, good shot.
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:34PM
  • in flight repair

    Very good shot excellent timing.
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:32PM
  • Jenny

    Captures all the joys and enthusiasm of a pup. Super shot.
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:30PM
  • Chaz Davies

    Definitely going for it! good shot
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:26PM
  • An Eye's View

    Super detail and texture, lovely shot.
    • 20 Sep 2011 9:19PM