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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • barges at rest

    Very nice reflections. Good shot. ( I would point out they are narrowboats not barges, wouldn't want to offend the purists!)
    • 17 Mar 2010 7:49PM
  • Sunset

    Very good detail, sunsets usually look good but this has that bit extra.
    • 17 Mar 2010 7:43PM
  • The Red Mount

    The tree branches seem to be growing out of the building,
    maybe adding a chainsaw to your camera bag would be worthwhile.
    (Just a suggestion)
    • 16 Mar 2010 8:54AM
  • ruined cottage

    Nice composition, captured the tranquility of the place very well.
    • 14 Mar 2010 4:37PM
  • Frog on pond

    Excellent angle & reflection
    • 10 Mar 2010 10:56AM
  • water

    Very nice balance between stream and hills, water movement makes an excellent picture
    • 9 Mar 2010 4:20PM

    Quote:Shame about washed out sky.Not bad though.

    That's the sky that was there on the day, perhaps I should have a selection of photoshop skies to add in, as some people do.
    (No names etc.)
    • 20 Feb 2010 7:58AM
  • Pattern

    They do a photoshop course @ Lynn college, might be worth signing up.
    • 20 Feb 2010 7:49AM
  • Standard Tank

    This has a 'model railway' look, steam train and an excellent viewpoint, what more could you ask for.
    • 14 Feb 2010 8:00PM
  • Tryptych.

    Original thought, not sure if it will make it into the catalogue though. With the trade descriptions act in mind I would be carefull about using the word 'work' in your description!
    • 14 Feb 2010 12:37PM
  • The Dead and the Dying

    Don't usually like photoshop pictures, as they often try to hide an average photo, but this is an interesting subject taken from an original viewpoint. Very atmospheric I like it.
    • 14 Feb 2010 12:17PM
  • GNR Class N2 0-6-2 Tank No 1744 approaching Haworth

    Excellent well caught.
    • 13 Feb 2010 10:47AM
  • Finsbury Park

    Nice shot, I think a crop to the right of the pole, and the sky above the smoke might give it more impact.
    • 12 Feb 2010 4:35PM
  • Resting

    How bored can one man be?
    • 11 Feb 2010 1:58PM
  • North Norfolk Railway

    Quote:Pity about the white van,otherwise good shot.)

    I thought the modern transport and farming/food production, with van and tractor was a good contrast with the past steam train and windmill and is why I took this shot. I suppose had I wanted to I could have photo shopped the van out, but I prefer to take pictures with a camera rather than a computer.

    • 11 Feb 2010 1:53PM
  • SR BB Class 4-6-2 No 34067 "Tangmere"

    Excellent- the slightly low light and steam cloud along the side adds atmosphere, I am annoyed at missing my favourite class of loco, as I only live about 20 miles away and didn't know it was at March!
    • 30 Jan 2010 9:09AM
  • Still Hopeful

    Keep the tops of the trees the contrast of darkness sunset and snow, is excellent.
    • 7 Jan 2010 4:48PM
  • Beach Cleaners

    These guys know how to graft, well caught.
    • 20 Jul 2009 7:18PM
  • Gizmo Tired

    That's our's favourite position, true contentment!
    • 20 Jul 2009 7:12PM
  • Morning Glory

    Right place, right time, and well caught, a lot harder than it looks.
    • 20 Jul 2009 7:02PM
  • Parking

    I like it!
    • 29 Jun 2009 10:30PM
  • The Old Mill Stream

    Simple but very effective, good detail of water, nice shot.
    • 29 Jun 2009 9:50AM
  • Secret harmonica player

    Lovely clear detail on tail and coat, very good shot.
    • 29 Jun 2009 9:44AM
  • KIRA

    Lovely photo, yellow labs are the best dogs in the world so I might be biased!
    • 25 Jun 2009 8:37PM
  • Jenson Button

    Excellent series of shots, at what is without a doubt the worst circuit in Britain for photography. Sorry haven't had time to view full portfolio yet but if you haven't tried them can recomend Goodwood (revival) and Oulton Park for excellent photo friendly venues.
    • 24 Jun 2009 9:30PM
  • My Fish 1

    Excellent shot, sharp good lighting- keep up the good work
    • 24 Jun 2009 4:18PM