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A quick view of brownbear1991's recent activity.

  • he's back

    Nice shot. I havent seen one of these for quite some time. An don't worry my Grandad will get over his fit of jealousy about the picture as soon as he gets one of his own!

    And I hear he has been giving you an ear bashing......something to do with Tripods??

    • 18 Jun 2009 6:30PM
  • Bath Time !

    Now that was just unkind, it is having an undignified...very wet moment and you decide to document it! Poor thing. It is kind of funny though.
    • 12 Jun 2009 4:51PM
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker

    The tree has grown a Woodpecker Head!!! AAAAHHHHH! haha only joking, its nice an I like it.
    • 12 Jun 2009 4:48PM
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Nice capture Scott. And good timing its difficult at times to take photo's of objects in motion but you seem to have got it!

    Cheers for the comment on my lion shot.

    • 12 May 2009 12:03PM
  • Ferruginous Hawk

    I like the detail and the pose is natural although I assume captured in an a captive setting??

    • 23 Apr 2009 1:36PM
  • "Gotcha"

    NIce shot the detail and composition are great!

    • 23 Apr 2009 1:35PM
  • Barbary Lion (Panthera leo leo)

    Cheers for the comments!
    • 23 Apr 2009 1:10PM
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