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  • Just thought I'd let you know I did go to the Fotovista site last week and I did email the 'Rosenblums' - whether that helped I don't know - or the threat of legal action but following their email earlier this week that a 'reimbursement' was 'being processed' - it has appeared today back in my current account so at least I have got a result, I hope the rest of you get satisfaction one way or another.
    But out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak - I ordered the camera (Olympus E500 with twin lens kit etc) from my local (very small & with helpfull staff) Dixons and found that their version comes without the rechargeable battery and charger - just a set of lithium batteries (which will last about a day at most & 12 - 15 a set) - they want another 150 plus for the charger, it also comes with a lower spec 17-45 lens as opposed to the standard 14-45 so from seeming a good deal Dixons is about the worst in the retail sector! Cancelled it! Rang my local (Derby) branch of Cecil Jacobs - they have the kit as advertised and are holding it for me to go and look at tomorrow, not the cheapest but after these last few weeks, I'm fed up of looking for cheap!
  • The problem is that this company shows up as "Trusted" or "Superior Partner" or some such on every 'comparison' site for cameras etc.
    They have said that they have "processed a reimbusement" today (Tues 22/11) and it "should" (????) appear in my account within 10 working days - I'll beleive it when I see it.
  • Paid by a VISA Debit card, I don't know whether the same rules apply to these as for 'normal' Credit cards. I have just received an email from James Felix labelled as Customer Service Director saying that they are "processing" my "request for reimbursment". Whether that's an 'eventual' response to the 'normal' process or my promises to contact the National press, Solicitos, Trading Standards, Watchdog et al remains to be seen. At least there is something! I'll keep you posted.
  • PS Just written to Watchdog as well.
  • I wish I had found this before placing an order with Pixmania. I parted (instantly it seems) with the equivalent of a month's income for a camera outfit. It was advertised as in stock and I got a confirmation emial saying that delivery would be in 3-5 days. Nothing appeared so I started using the "Track Your Order" link. I got different messages every day starting with the 'old' computer problem one and finally the total 'gobbledegook' here:
    "Pixmania has just moved the shipping platform to give us the most sophisticated platform in Europe with all the latest technology to allow us to offer you a better service. We regret that the changes imposed by this move may lead to a delay with certain orders."
    I tried this phone line and got nothing but muzac and a pompous femnale voice - this I've had for over 15 hours this week and no one answers. I have tried cancelling the order and sent incessant messages via their site and to the French HQ. I have no reply except "Your message has been registered and customer service will get back to you in 24 hours" - do they? No they do not.
    I am at a loss now as to how to get my money back or whether I ever will. It's a loss I can't really stand and certainly means I will have to save for another couple of years before I can afford another camera.