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Activity : Photo Comments


Thanks for looking. All suggestions welcome.
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  • Ravello by brusque

    Taken from path near Villa Cirmone in Ravello. Re-processed using Paintshop Pro.
    • 5 Jan 2019 2:58PM
  • Dungeness boat by brusque

    Have added mono version to portfolio at RickNash's suggestion.
    • 25 Aug 2017 10:16AM
  • Purakaunui beach, South Island NZ by brusque

    thanks for the comment. Hard not to find good shots in NZ, lots of great scenery
    • 5 May 2017 6:26PM
  • A Ring For A Heart by 365Photography

    Nicely lit and concept is apt, but on a page of woes? Must be ironic.
    • 21 Jan 2014 11:36PM
  • When I were a lad... by dovharris

    Great shot Dave
    • 8 Sep 2006 9:21PM
  • Canary Wharf Reflection 1 by Ed_Doughty

    Docklands great for this sort of image. Have you tried tighter crop to just the reflection?
    • 2 Aug 2006 8:11PM
  • Coptic by davegil

    Think I was there the same day. Tried taking shot of this boat but kept getting highlight from sun. Should have had the sense to move around to other side as you did. Great shot, works well from low angle and exposure's spot.
    • 1 Aug 2006 10:12PM
  • Tunnel Vision by dovharris

    Great shot Dave, don't remember seeing this one before. Well deserved as your first Readers Choice. Bruce
    • 5 Dec 2006 11:02PM
  • Lily House 2 by brusque

    Hi Pamelajean. I know what you mean but I quite liked the reflection of the roof because of its incongruity.

    • 29 Aug 2006 9:04PM
  • Palm house by brusque

    it could have done with more sun. Kept disappearing behind clouds for half an hour at a time.
    • 29 Aug 2006 9:06PM
  • Tina quadtone by brusque

    thanks for all the comments. Not sure I can get any lower on the rails but will try tighter crop and bit more contrast.
    • 11 Aug 2006 4:50PM
  • Curv y trails by Dermot

    Better than I've done with night shots. Maybe a tighter crop to cut out hedge on right and some of the sky?
    • 10 Aug 2006 9:31PM
  • Clouseau Returns Again! by dovharris

    Didn't recognise you Dave
    • 11 Aug 2006 7:15PM
  • tina tritone by brusque

    It is a bit square on. Got better shots of this boat and will play around with those, post another tomorrow.
    • 8 Aug 2006 8:38PM
  • Atomic Mushroom by hermin

    Outstanding, though I think I'd like it better the other way up.
    • 27 Jul 2006 4:01PM
  • Desolation by dovharris

    Dave - try duotone on this one, maybe a grad\transparent filter as well, see what you get.

    • 8 Aug 2006 7:31PM
  • Gearing by dovharris

    Nice shot Dave, you going to try square crop? Bruce
    • 26 Jan 2006 1:15PM
  • Boxing Day by Melanie_M

    Just got 5d myself, hope I can do as well.
    • 21 Jan 2006 7:39AM
  • Under a bridge by paul daglish

    don't think I can take the credit, all I did was take the photo.
    • 2 Oct 2006 6:07PM
  • In town by Paddy

    You should put this in the Best Shot of Edinburgh challenge
    • 7 Sep 2006 6:34PM
  • Vain little devil by Weasellady

    Paulstefan - that's a fantastic shot, will be hard to beat. Bruce
    • 30 Aug 2006 8:14PM