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Hello, and welcome to my gallery, I hope you enjoy what you see

Please feel free to post any words of constructive criticism on any of my pictures - I am more than happy to learn from others
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A quick view of Bryan_Marshall's recent activity.

  • Fantastic flypast

    Quote:Fabulous shot, Bryan!
    Would be even better without the tree.
    Wouldn't be difficult to "chop down" either, considering that sky.

    I take your point, I just thought it kept a bit of perspective
    • 5 Oct 2019 10:04PM
  • Dragonfly

    Quote:Incredible close up, Bryan f2.8??

    Finepix HS28EXR maximum aperture, I may have to go back to using it next time I go to Whisby
    • 23 Sep 2019 10:48PM
  • Fast at forty - Valentino Rossi

    Quote:It never ceases to amaze how they can floor these bikes on corners and actually stay on them Bryan,
    A great shot!

    Thanks, Mike, and yes, the grip from two small patches of rubber, at those angles and speeds is nothing short of mind-boggling
    • 24 Aug 2019 4:07PM
  • Patriotic stacking

    Quote:Great catch and title, Bryan. I can see your pic as a cover shot for a flight mag. Smile

    Thanks for the comment, I'd love to be published on the front of a magazine, that would make it all worthwhile
    • 16 Jun 2019 7:08PM
  • Somewhere, under the rainbow...

    Quote:Did you find the pot of gold? Excellent image, well seen...
    Isabel GrinGrin

    I looked for ages, but sadly not, thanks
    • 11 Nov 2018 3:43AM
  • Lucky timing

    Quote:Yes........indeed..a wonderful dynamic image Bryan. I almost can hear the propellors growl !!

    Thanks very much for your comments, and the user award Smile
    • 21 Jul 2018 12:03PM
  • Synchro cross

    Quote:Cracking shot Bryan! Thanks very much for the technical info; I always get one in focus and the other blurred so it's good to know it can be done. I think this has gone well be an attempt; for me it's highly successful. Have run out UA's for this week so I'll add this one to 'favourites'.

    Thanks, Eric, I just went for the fastest shutter speed I could, wound the ISO up a little to allow for it, then put it on multi shot with the hope that one came out
    • 11 Jun 2018 9:45PM
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