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A quick view of BubbaG2000's recent activity.

  • PARKOUR multishot

    Oh wow, that is stunning! I love your processing in the background too.
    • 15 Jul 2010 12:28PM
  • Bad Hair Day

    I love it!!! The facial expression tops it off, kudos to the model!
    • 31 Oct 2009 9:21PM
  • Go ahead....make my day!

    This is amazing framing! Spot on! I'm sure he's not as hard as all that though!
    • 8 Oct 2009 1:14PM
  • Sprite

    Happy looking beast! If the lighting conditions were bad then you did very well! Shame about the reflections though, nothing you can help!
    • 15 Aug 2009 3:38PM
  • lantern shop

    Aahhh... a subject close to my heart! I love lights, I would have been all over these with my camera if I was there! A stunning capture with a beautiful range of colours. Could I ask what ISO you were at?
    • 28 Jul 2009 6:43PM
  • My Butt

    Ok, I'll be first...

    NICE BUTT!!!
    • 24 Jul 2009 1:29PM
  • Closer To The Edge

    Damn, that's close! How fast was he going? Excellent timing in this capture!
    • 23 Jul 2009 5:08PM

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