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  • Sounds like an excuse, particularly as the sister phoned regarding price. Equally well the difference between an amateur and a professional is one accepts payment for their services and the other does not. Both could be as equally good or bad. If you're in need of qualifications then join the 'Societies' as far as I'm aware they offer both qualifications and training courses. However it's also possible that the bride or brides sister has been reading one of the bridal magazines and this is one of the 'must ask' questions you should ask your prospective photographer. There's probably a price quoted that they should be paying as wellSad Perhaps not the clients your looking for anyway!
  • Never had any problems with Sandisk or Lexar, I've had a few problems with 3 Kingston 16 GB 133x, 1 Kingston 32Gb 300x and 1 Kingston 32Gb 600X. First 3 all new, locked the camera up at a wedding when the preview came on (Canon EOS 1Dsmk2) and wouldn't let me switch the camera off (preview image was still on the back of the camera), it was getting a wee bit toasty as well. Had to take the battery out. Luckily I was only testing out the cards during the wedding breakfast, so no important shots were taken. The 2 32Gb cards were replaced recently by Kingston because they didn't work on a Nikon D800. I kept getting the message that the cards weren't supported. I should add that all the compact flash cards were replaced promptly by Kingston and I've never had any bother with them since. Even with all the bother I would still use their products and still doSmile
  • Calumet see here Smile
  • Have a look at this Smile
  • This overkill I knowGrin

  • Quote:I'm thinking of getting either the 24-70 f2.8 Nikon or a Carl Zeiss equivalent: what do you recommend?

    Don't think Zeiss make a 24-70mm f2.8 zoom equivalent, at least I didn't see it at Focus on Imaging. I tried various Zeiss lenses on a Nikon D800 body and the results were stunning but the results from the 24-70 are great and you won't be disappointed and I've nothing to complain about using this lens.
  • The old body looks like it has an adapter fitted to reduce the metric thread down to the 1/4 Whitworth, if you can unscrew this then you can put it in the new body. Otherwise look on Ebay for this adapter
  • Backup in case of a card failure obviouslySmile or you can set the camera up to write to the SD card after the CF card is full. But it all depends on what you shoot perhaps, you should read this dual cards I haven't got a 5Dmk3 yet but I use both SD and CF in a EOS 1Ds mk3. It appears Canon didn't use the latest spec for the SD slot and it also appears to slow the write speed to both cards to the slowest write speed (if your writing to both cards at the same time) to that of the SD card slot, irrespective of the read speed of the card. I hope I got all this round the 'write' wayWink The figure quoted is 133x, hope this helps.
  • Have you tried recording with MagicLantern loaded on the camera? Here http://www.magiclantern.fm/whats-new/104-releases/140-first-7d-alpha-released. Just a thoughtSmile
  • Ahh see it now, just! The old eyesight isn't as good as it once was and the room was too bright earlier. I've seen or had something similar a few years ago when I had a 1Ds mk2. It started to appear on images I shot at a wedding and was on a couple of dozen images only. I sent the camera for an estimate for a repair to AJ Johnstone in Glasgow. They wanted to either calibrate the camera for about 250 or if that didn't work then replace the sensor for an eye watering 1400! I didn't take up either offer as I spoke to a Canon rep at a Calumet Open day and he said it was very unusual for a sensor to need replacing or calibration. I removed the battery from the camera and left it overnight, resetting the camera by deleting all the custom settings and I might have reinstalled the firmware, sorry cant remember exactly as it was a few years ago. The result was the camera was fine and the problem never re-occurred. If nothing else it's worth a try!
  • Sorry but the pic of the banding isn't very clear on the screen, looks like a smudge in the top left of the pic. Sorry to ask but is the sensor clean, it's not smeared by someone not cleaning it properly.
  • Shot 3 rolls of Rollie RPX 100 at the weekend, first for a whileSmile Glad to get back to the business of taking pictures and away from digital for a while. Digital for business yes, but for myself film every time. Strangely both my sons are photographers and they've come to the same conclusion independent of my opinion after using digital for a while.
  • I shoot much the same as yourself and I've tried the 5D mk3 more than once at Calumet and on a 'mentor me' one to one with a Canon rep. Overall way better than the 5Dmk2 for build quality, autofocus, frame rate and exposure metering. Flash metering I'm told will also be better, mk2 can be a hit or a miss at times with occasional blown exposures with flash. The 7D which I also have is good but now where near the 5Dmk2 or 5Dmk3 for high iso. I've taken a few shots with the demo model at high iso and it's cleaner than the 5d2. Great camera and you won't regret buying it.
    Sadly I won't be buying it at the moment though as much as I hate the autofocus of the 5dmk2 in low light, I'm going to wait and see how Canon respond to the brilliant Nikon D800Smile
  • This transferring to Mac might help.
    'Google is your friend'
  • I've just changed the drive on my 17" MacBook Pro for a Crucial M4 solid state drive and added 8Gb RAM also from Crucial. It took me about 10 mins to do it. You need a torx and a crosshead screw driver, both of which I had. I also bought the data transferring kit for transferring the data to the new drive at the same time. It consists of a USB to esata cable and a copy of ShirtPocket's Superduper on disc. The copy of SuperDuper didn't work but you can download an updated version for free from their website and use that, it worked fine. The old drive I put in an Icybox case to use as an external drive. The Mac now boots up a lot faster and it zips alongSmile I checked out how to take the back off the Mac and replace the drive via a video on YouTube.

    Alternatively what about using an external hard drive, unless the original drive is to small for all your Apps.
  • Treated myself to a Leica M7 last year when I gave up the old day job, I just love this camera, small(ish), quiet, no bloody buttons on the back to get in the way of my chubby fat fingersSmile Just wished I'd gone to Leica rangefinder sooner! Still a big fan of Nikon F's original F and the even nicer F2, even though I mostly use Canon DSLR's for the business.
  • Canon 1Ds mk3
    Canon 5D mk2
    Leica M8 with 40mm, 21mm and a 90mm lenses
    Canon EF 17-40mm f4 zoom
    Canon EF 24-105 f4 zoom (backup)
    Canon EF 24-70 f2.8 zoom
    Canon EF 50mm f2.5 macro
    Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 zoom
    2 Canon 580 EZ II's one is a backup
    Quantum Trio great for fill in outside and never misses a beat, crap for bounce flash on camera inside, doesn't work unless you use bare bulb with a small white card behind the bulb facing forward.
    2 Quantum T5d-R's
    1 Quantum turbo 3 battery pack
    2 Quantum turbo 2's battery packs
    Sekonic L608 hand held light meter
    2 stands and a couple of brolly soft boxes
    17" MacBook Pro

    Some of the kit is locked in the car in a couple of Autosafe strong boxes until required.
    I use the 1Ds most of the time, with a couple of lenses, all depends on the venue. The M8 is used for reportage style shots that I'm being increasingly asked for. I hired a Fuji X1-Pro and used that at a wedding last Saturday but it just doesn't cut it for me. I like the files it produces but the handling is awful. I found I kept switching on macro and the Q menu by accident, AF takes several attempts in low light.
  • All the best with shooting the wedding, hope you've considered a backup body and flash, use quality cards you've tested in the camera beforehand if they are new. I've had 4, 16Gb Kingston cards fail at a wedding, thankfully they were just being tested to see if they were working ok during the meal. As for the lens if it's your first wedding to be honest don't faff around changing lenses to much, keep the 24-70 on for most of the time, another lens on another body will be more useful. That way you can grab the shot and switch back to the zoom when it's needed. Fumbling with lenses during important moments won't win you any friendsSad

    I assume you've done your homework in shooting a wedding and have the shoot planned and a backup plan if the weather is foulSmile
  • Thanks, I've been looking forward to thisSmile
  • Google is your friendSmile here.
  • Looks like the first picture was taken in sunlight (perhaps flash) and the second shot she's in the shade. The second shot with the macro looks underexposed compared to the first. So the image colours will look different due to the colour temperature of the light hitting the subject being different the exposure will affect the saturation of the colours.
    I've both lenses and have never found a difference in colour reproduction under the same circumstances only when the colour temperature of the light changes. The macro is sharper but the 24 to 105L is no slouch in terms of image quality, a wee bit soft at f4 in the corners and vignettes at 24mm but sharpens up nicely on stopping down. I'd suggest testing both lenses under the same conditions and deciding then which you prefer. I use the 24-105 a lot for shooting weddings and never had an issue with image quality.
  • Lol! Optimism in the face of almost certain defeat? Whistling in the dark?

    Optimist yesSmile If I were a pessimist I'd like the status quo!Wink Don't worry though the border will still be open to tourists after all we need to feed the midges with something!Wink
  • 58% in under 5mins, not bad considering I had to guess a few Smile Like 'prescription charges' free in Scotland. Pity I won't be a UK citizen for much longer though after the referendumGrin
  • Generally two words with the second one being 'off' works quite wellSmile
  • Calumet?
  • Check the X-Rite site here http://www.xrite.com/custom_page.aspx?PageID=264, it states at the bottom of the page this:

    i1Profiler D2LionEdition is now available for registered i1Display LT and i1Display 2 owners. This software is only compatible with Apple OS X 10.7 Lion. If you have not registered your device, please register now to receive download link.

    Hope this helps.
  • Loxley!
  • I do both. Hoping to start taking and processing a few more 10x8's as well when I get more timeSmile
  • I've used Loxley for the last 10 years for albums, prints etc. Have to admit they have made one or two mistakes, however they're always sorted out quickly and efficiently. For example I had a wedding album delivered that had a manufacturing flaw, no problem and it was quickly replaced. Personally I'd recommend them to anyone, their customer services are excellent. Sorry you've had so much trouble but I'd either phone or email and get things sorted with your account.
  • Highly recommended, excellent albums very well made. Come in very nice presentation boxes. Customer support is excellent. Around here (West of Scotland) the 12x12 (30 page) is the most popular with my clients. Would like them to make a 10 x10 though! No I don't work for them but I've used their services for several years now with no problems. Hope this helps.