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Just happy to be able to show my images in this community and if people like them and comment then that is my bonus.
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  • Grace for Drowning..Steven Wilson
  • Grace for Drowning...Steven Wilson
  • Stop giving them Praise Cole this thread is about us.
  • No Julia..we are on the look out for a feminine touch though.
  • Just to mention that our Club Inn Focus have finished 6th out of 160 clubs in the FIAP World Cup of Photography. It is our second year of entering we came 17th at the first attempt.
    All the boys are present and past members of EPZ.
    We are pleased to have done so well but room for improvement.
  • OK Keith...point taken...just having a bad day at the office.
  • Ok Keith point taken..removed just having a bad day.
  • Well Lynne I did think I had something positive to say but obviously not. This is the first time I have actually felt I had something strong to say and the first time I have posted in the Forums other than word search or about music. I was thinking about being a GE in the New Year when hopefully I would have had more time but not now.
    In future the site can go on without my work as it will be a while before I post again.

  • No point in commenting on was just my opinion when all said and done..............Matter is now closed from me.
  • Right seeing as I started this there are a few questions and possibly answers.
    Firstly is there a file within the system that the GE can collect the images that he/she feels are deserving of the award and can be viewed independently.
    I would not issue a GEA until the end of the week after I have viewed all the work and placed what I feel maybe worthy in the aforementioned file.
    Once the file is completed I would then select the best images for the Award. It may be 5 it may be 50 but that will be the choice.
    What I see is happening is that images are getting an award from the first minute and I agree that is the Editor's choice but then it goes on a roll and is hard to stop.
    This way as with Pete the best images are singled out and awarded.
  • Pete..If I had the time to do it I would but working away from home through the week means my time is very limited. If things ease I will volunteer at some point. This is just my opinion.
  • No I haven't counted the total images for the first two weeks in October.
    I enjoy looking through the awarded files and there are many images really deserving of the acclaim.
    I was looking for the EC and HC Images and they were being drowned by GEA's that is what highlighted the numbers.
    Like I have said it is up to the Editor but surely the numbers issued with the award needs to be lowered to make the actual award mean something.
    Agreed that it is encouragement to everyone and helps improve the standards.
    Again it is just my opinion. I enjoy receiving the GEA as much as anyone else does for my work and trust that the image has struck a cord with the Editor.
    I don't wish to submit a report just wanted to discuss.
  • It seems to me that the Guest Editor Award System has gone completely out of control.
    There have been at the last count 202 GEA's since the 1st of October.
    I know it is up the the Guest Editor to nominate his/her pictures for an award but surely the numbers need to be refined a little.
    Just my thoughts.
  • Youngblood..Audrey Horne
  • Sincere condolences to Andy's family.
    He was a stalwart on here when I joined in 2006.
  • Best wishes Sue and to you Ade...Thoughts are with you.
  • Fair result it isn't are QPR going to offload him now with this 12 game Ban.They should have sacked him straight away and left him to fend for himself preferably in a league as far away from here as possible.
  • I was there a few years ago but I always headed for the Creg ny have a great view of the riders coming off the mountain past Kates Cottage and slowing down for the right hander.
    Ballagh Bridge is good to to see the riders take off at the hump in the road...good for action shots.
    Ramsey Hairpin is good to but you have to be up early to get to the North of the course.
  • Telegraph Fantasy Football
  • All square then
  • ROFL at Paul's comment.Brilliant
  • Best wishes to Paul (Sut68) and Fran who are tying the Knot today.All the best to both of you and hope it is a great day.
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  • Buffalo makes mistake........(sorry).
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