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  • Leap of Faith


    First of all, Thank you so much for your comment full of humor.
    There is no Starbucks, only Blackbucks. Wink
    Before visiting the place when I researched it, after going through lots of images (not by photographers), I have an idea about the place, atmosphere over there and color of the land.

    When I visited there, the place was covered with mist. The atmosphere is not at all suitable for capturing Birds, the main reason I went there. When the shot was taken the time was near about 10 a.m. So, as you see in the picture, the place was pretty out of great light condition. During roaming in the field, a saw a large group of black-bucks staring at me and waiting to cross the road from the right-hand side of the grassland. And I found the road and grassland and the background foggy atmosphere having a little bit of presence of large trees very attractive. And according to the Black-buck character, they jump pretty high and often during running. So, I visualized the shot, get down to the lowest possible angle to give the shot an artistic touch.

    The shot was not by waiting for hours. It was just an improvisation to the plan after spotting them and expect them to behave as the same I imagined. All of them clicked together.

    This is the story behind the shot.
    Thank you.
    • 5 Mar 2020 4:20AM
  • Just Launched

    Quote:It's a "Take Off" rather. Is it from Mangalajodi ?

    yes sir. this one is from manglajodi @prabhusinha
    • 26 Aug 2019 9:31AM
  • Nature's Soul

    Thank you so much for your appreciations..... Means a lot.... Grin
    • 28 May 2016 4:02PM
  • Beautiful Blue

    Thank you.... Very much
    • 7 Sep 2015 7:00PM
  • Deep SMOKING!!!!

    Thank You very much Smile
    • 16 Mar 2015 11:41AM
  • Twin falls

    • 14 Mar 2015 11:46AM
  • Careless

    Sir, I found that he is a mad person having mental disorder...... I think all mad peoples are little careless about their own activities that's why I gave that title... Smile
    • 10 Jan 2015 3:09PM
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