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Hi, thanks for visiting my page and I hope that you enjoy your visit looking at my travel images. If you wish to contact me my email is

All the best
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A quick view of BURNBLUE's recent activity.

  • Blade Runner Blues..

    Yep, thanks EPZ for EC!.Smile

    You now it was ones of those picture that I really liked taking, but didn't get that much attention really, and it gets you kinda wondering is it a strong shot ....and you question yourself about it.
    So very pleased that EPZ confirms what I thought.

    Regards Simon.
    • 27 Jul 2020 11:07AM
  • The Golden Coast

    Great light and beachscape.
    • 16 Jul 2020 5:49PM
  • Home from an adventure.

    I like this image a lot. The environment and theme work perfectly.
    Well perceived and photographed.
    • 16 Jul 2020 3:28PM
  • The Cubans 2

    Thanks everybody for your UAs and GE . Appreciate it .
    • 16 Jul 2020 9:54AM
  • dreaming of you

    A softness, delicate and beautiful at the same time.
    Like the fine patterned dust on butterlies wings.
    Great image.
    • 22 Jun 2020 12:58PM
  • face the sun

    Really like the side on profile with excellent composition in this. Love it Carm.
    • 22 Jun 2020 12:52PM
  • Bamboo Dreams and Secrets..

    Thanks Som for UA.
    Regards Simon.
    • 19 Jun 2020 1:07PM
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  • You have a very keen and great eye for detail, shapes and textures. Landscapes within landscapes.
    Excellent set of images.
    • Posted on Rende's profile
    • 18 Mar 2016 9:23PM
  • Hey, just had a pleasant brows through your images. A vast eclectic range of very good shots. You have a keen eye!
  • Dave you have a fine eclectic array of images. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Simon.
    • Posted on mistere's profile
    • 11 Dec 2014 7:18PM
  • A very good eclectic display of images Dave, but I equally enjoyed your blog !

  • A good eclectic number of images. Keep up the good work.

    • Posted on Fishnet's profile
    • 1 Oct 2012 2:09PM
  • A great eclectic varied range of pictures, you would think therefore that you would have some strong shots and some so so..however from landscape through to travel and portraits they all kick ass ! Very impressive Les.

    • Posted on LesF's profile
    • 28 May 2012 9:10AM
  • Hi Nick, you got a very impressive set of pictures . Am really envious of your mono shots, first class.

    Regards Simon.
    • Posted on Nick_w's profile
    • 5 Mar 2012 4:07PM
  • Hey KT, really enjoyed looking through your work on EPZ,..also your web site is pretty darn cool! Impressive.

    • Posted on K_T's profile
    • 27 Feb 2012 2:27PM
  • Great eclectic range of work Cole. Impressive, and your web site is cool.
  • An impressive eclectic body of work will. Excellent photography IMHO. Also have seen your critique advice which is pitched at the right level and sound, keep up the great work.