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Me and photography go back to my childhood when my dad (a then keen photographer) would drag me all over in the pursuit of his hobby. Many a day (and night!) would be spent in the loft getting high off the smell of developer and fixer!

Then after a period of years being photography free I landed a job that for the first couple of years would put me back in the darkroom developing mono film and prints again. Was there to be no escape!!

Now a designer and production manager for that same local newspaper I still process pictures week in and week out, although the darkroom has long gone it would appear there is no getting away from photography in some form.

Perhaps it was time to embrace that cruel mistress and give in to the inevitable.

So now I have a large credit card bill and a new digital camera with more than a slight interest in wildlife.

Another hobby to go with the golf that will keep me away from her in doors! for a few hours. - Bliss.


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