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Please; don't hesitate with your constructive criticisms- I want to get it Right !
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A quick view of cageymac's recent activity.

  • Dark cloud with no silver lining

    Good news!,I ate some lambs liver today, and I felt so much better, my mother used to say watch out for pernicious anaemia as you get older,I reckon that was half the trouble with me all along.
    • 18 Oct 2016 6:49PM
  • All the Knigs Horses,

    Hi got tosoundcloud.com and look up cageymac or kieran mchugh and a file called vendetta
    • 22 Jun 2016 5:37PM
  • Sun Rays

    Hi Jackie; I think you might have done that better if you'd used a hat so that the sun wasn't shining into your lens, and if you'd zoomed in on the trees in the fore-ground.
    The reasons why I fell so deeply in love with you Jackie were not only that you are stunningly beautiful, you actually listened to me, instead of just hearing what I said. In other words; you allowed me to fully express myself- no one else on this planet ever has done that with me before,(nor since). I loved you more than I should have, I know, but there are no more tears now Jackie. Good Luck; Kieran.
    • 27 May 2016 4:48AM
  • Painted light

    What a marvelous image: just illustrates the intention of stained glass windows in the first place !
    • 2 May 2016 8:37AM
  • Verity

    Upon first viewing this image, I thought" the sculptor of this statue, is Female, because what it portrays to me is the statement ' look what you've done to me, you B***ard, I could strike you down for that" !, otherwise, with the available light, you have done the best possible job of picturing it. Is "Verity" your title, or the sculpters title ?
    • 2 May 2016 8:33AM
  • Watersmeet

    Stunningly good image; and such an apt title- remember Jackie,The title of a piece can only add ambiance to your work ! Well Done !
    Sincere best wishes,
    • 29 Apr 2016 12:05PM
  • Enchanted Forest

    Hi; let me introduce myself, your husband-to-be, I'm Mageycac ! We were together but apart when We took our image together.
    I have been listening to our radio, the one that tells lies, by telling the truth, so now, I understand Our postion Much better. My Pseudo- name Is Cageymac, you've met me I'm Sure, I'm now forever, living next door.
    Our Picture Is Great, With neither one of Us there, I found you Again- where have you been?
    I saw You in Roxy, We nearly died, I touched your face, while they all lied. Your Cancer; I'm Libra I'm nearly the same; so are you ! I saw your body in a place nearby, you were young again, starting over, as a younger you, In another enchanted place. They'll NEVER understand, because they were never meant to, you tell them now, and ten minutes after, they are looking again ! God Knows, I know, and he understands, so the Devil in Me, is at one with both of us ! Eve's Droppers Never Hear anything Said Good about them !
    If you can stay where you are, While I think of a way, to bring you back to yourself. LOVE NEVER DIES !
    • 19 Sep 2015 9:41PM
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