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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Facade

    very surreal and cinematic, great work, simple and effective
    • 4 Jan 2013 1:45PM
  • Silhouette of a Crow

    Really love this, great mono. Agree with above, an alternate but very apt recording of winter
    • 10 Dec 2012 9:57AM
  • h

    I love the fact so many 'ideals' of landscape photography have been thrown away to produce a stunning piece of work. I struggle to appreciate landscape but i'd hang this on a good wall!!
    • 1 Dec 2012 1:50AM
  • Out of Step

    totally engaging, pigeons with character, and we can't even see their faces...brilliant
    • 1 Dec 2012 1:44AM
  • Just 1 Minute Away

    movie-scene like - stunning light, great mono...away from the obvious, just a nice moment and that really works for me.
    • 1 Dec 2012 1:40AM
  • dprsd

    thankyou atworner . I try to break some rules, some times I feel a bit of light freedom can produce great results. Please highlight any posts you make of similar LB use.Smile

    I just noticed threads in the discussion column regarding depression. This is an image from a study series depicting the condiiton. Can I just add I did not notice this discussion before uploading therefore any connection is truly not meant, I apologise if someone thinks otherwise and will remove if asked due to bad timing...
    • 1 Dec 2012 1:39AM
  • Lou 2

    Superb, great mono treatment and placement. Steps outside the 'usual' portrait rules and breaks them all for the better. Really like this work
    • 29 Nov 2012 9:58AM
  • Wish I was in Spain

    mad innit, even on a thumbnail I could recognise the little emblem on his beany.......Must be an aged form of advertising..great expression, fab capture, he seems pissed off with you and his job
    • 9 Nov 2012 9:31PM
  • Burano Washday

    this is amazing, stunning colour
    • 9 Nov 2012 8:41PM
  • k

    Great scene, fantastic point of view and the strong deep reds are eyecatching. Super image
    • 8 Oct 2012 11:50AM
  • The nervy peeker 2

    This is great, finding the advert is one thing, pitting it against the right subject is another, the wait is a problemk....but that bloke is a finisher.

    Obviously people are entitled to their opinions, personally, the imperfections and near misses of 'what could have bee'n in street photography in some cases add to the irony of a carefully selected scene or oppurtunistic hence right place right time (not luck) shot.

    This epitomises 'street' using a moment in time - he could be a stranger, an actor, a best friend , I don't care - thats the extent of manipulation....This is a great shot - bookworthy

    PS - looks an awful lot like Cardiff Central???
    • 26 Sep 2012 11:10PM
  • Mary,Mary.......

    Brilliant treatment, but an even better portrait and character
    • 26 Sep 2012 10:56PM
  • The Dive

    great light and frozen movement, love this as an abstract and portrait
    • 25 Sep 2012 9:30PM
  • Frog

    This is amazing, everything is perfect
    • 18 Sep 2012 11:01PM
  • My new friend

    Great image, the slightly desaturated colours, and rugged tones add to an already impressive portrait. Super
    • 17 Sep 2012 1:42PM
  • Levi-Laundry

    Congratulations on the success, this photo is remarkable, fun, different and colour to perfection
    • 13 Sep 2012 1:32PM
  • I,the Damned

    very clever work, inspiring
    • 10 Sep 2012 10:35PM
  • Eats shoots

    Thankyou people for your constructive comments. I'm new to this and it is so refreshing not to have Flickr-esque "hey, cool image" or "nice pic. i've fav'ed can you fav mine too" posted against a submitted picture.

    The points are are valid and very helpful (though 'mouth over-full' re. focus_man, to be honest I wanted it more extreme), my print of this is slightly less exposed and more saturated so monitor calibration is required. The modification on my screen, even though slight, personally i feel it does add what is missing, again i very much appreciate your efforts here.

    Thanks all again. Looking forward to learning, viewing and being inspired...

    • 4 Sep 2012 4:56PM