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Wecome one and all.......!

Thanks to " KathyW " for the superb portfolio image.

A random collection of images I know, But I do like a little variety in all things, Lifes to short to get stuck in a rut.

Enjoy or scream.....It's optional....!
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A quick view of cameracat's recent activity.

  • Woolly Jumper

    Quote:has been discovered

    LOL, Nothing to be sheepish about..........Grin Grin Grin Sorry just couldn't resist Blush

    A great piece of something different and funny to, That is a wrap in my view....Wink
    • 20 Feb 2014 11:33AM
  • Two's Company

    Thank you Karen & Chris, I have looked at this image for some time, I tried a few closer crop versions that I quite liked, But for some reason I was drawn back to this the original take, Something just said it looked right.

    Kinda fits with that Chris, For all our fashion conscious species can muster, Nature is the true master...Smile

    Quote:moggies behaved themselves

    LOL As usual Smile Impeccably , Though the shot of Pixel chasing butterfly's through long grass did not quite happen, Her royal person and big bro Ziggy spent ages dangling from various small trees.

    Cats for youWink
    • 20 Feb 2014 11:28AM
  • Watching Grass Grow.

    Quote:In attempting to put the cat and grass in the center, the frame has lost the tail

    Let me correct you a tad, First it was no attempt, I did in fact place the focal point of the image in the centre, If you take note of the DOF you might appreciate the point of the composition more precisely, That said I appreciate alternate viewpoints, Even if I do not agree with them...Grin

    Quote: Dear Pixel, wise beyond her years

    Cheers Chris, For sure this moggie knows a thing or three, Smile

    Quote:Cats are normally correct

    Darn right Adrian, It's no good arguing with one either, See my latest image title Still Watching, Yup! Not a tail in sight.....Grin

    Quote:Oh, a cats life! Lovely eyes

    Cheers Daisymaye.Grin Yes those eye's, They see straight through to your soul sometimes, Pixel is a very extraordinary little gal for sure. Smile

    I really must start taking pics of other subjects soon.

    • 6 Nov 2013 12:34PM
  • My chair!!

    LOL...Smile Made me laugh as I have similar moggies and only just had a dispute over chair possession...Grin

    Seems I forgot some ancient Egyptian law that states " What Pussy Wants, Pussy Gets " Or else....!!!

    Never argue with a she cat....Wink
    • 5 Nov 2013 2:32PM
  • Lynx

    Super job, An unusual angle to.....Works very well ineed....Smile
    • 22 Dec 2012 12:38PM
  • I Will Catch You

    F A B....Smile
    • 22 Dec 2012 12:28PM
  • My Cat, Smudge

    Woweeee, Smudge is a fine looking Moggieeee..Smile

    Karen has hit the nail on the head in all the technical areas to keep an eye on....Smile

    So I'll add no more, But do keep trying, Kitty Kats are one of the harder subjects to work with, Coz! They just don't do posing, Well not often anyhow....Grin

    Keep up the good work and check out all that Karen has mentioned.....!!!

    Vince & Cats
    • 20 Nov 2012 2:57PM
  • Second " Lee's " greeting.....Smile

    Very glad you have returned.....Wink
  • Fab Portfolio, Imaginative, Creative, Very interesting and diverse use of space & light.

    • Posted on beckas's profile
    • 10 Jan 2009 7:11PM
  • Fabulous PF, So much variety too.........Absolutely brilliant.....!
    • Posted on pascalg's profile
    • 21 Aug 2008 10:56PM
  • Fab portfolio Dawn, Your eye for colour & detail is amazing.....Smile

    Sorry to hear of your health problem, Very best wishes for a full & speedy recovery....Soon...!

    Thank you for your appreciation of my PF.

    Kind regards......Vince & the cat...!
  • Absolutley Fabulous Portfolio, a joy to view & truly inspirational.
    • Posted on KathyW's profile
    • 4 Feb 2006 6:50AM