Wecome one and all.......!

Thanks to " KathyW " for the superb portfolio image.

A random collection of images I know, But I do like a little variety in all things, Lifes to short to get stuck in a rut.

Enjoy or scream.....It's optional....!
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cameracat's Portfolio.




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Magnificent works! Congrats!
Great Portfolio, so many good images to choose from. I like the series of cat images the dog in the water, the bunting and the landscape images, I could go on Smile
Had a look at some of yr images.....
Amazin stuff ! ! ! !

How do you find the D700 ????

At the moment I'm shooting with the D90 but looking at getting the D700, budget is the problem tho, but in due time... lol
I'm done playing around like the little boys and wanna go a step up now....
On the other hand I'm going to South Africa for 3 weeks at the end of June and will have the D700 by then and will be putting the camera to the test.....
13 Feb 2011 6:02PM
Hi, I noticed from the forum you have 440d as well and Im looking to go from 70-300mm. to 500mm. how did you get on? someone online said the 50-500mm. sigma is great but im just stating and it really is hard to know which is best, any advice welcome, stokesy
Mynett Plus
10 142 6 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2011 6:59PM
Just popping by to say thank you for the input on the forum regarding the sigma 150-500, today I became the proud new owner of one .... Smile hope I can get some good shots with it.

JackieB Plus
8 18 3 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2010 8:49PM
Absolutely fab PF. Thanks for your comments on 'My Cat Squirrell', she has us wrapped round her paws. Smile

Alvar Plus
11 23 2 France
4 Oct 2010 9:32AM
Great Portfolio Vince.
15 Sep 2010 12:36PM
Thanks for the kind words Vince. Thought I'd message here as I didn't want to hijack the thread. Good luck with your two, we've got a 2 year old German Shepherd aswell (pic in my portfolio) so we're gonna wait and maybe get a rescue kitten later on. Funny even miss the claw swipes I used to get when I stoped tickling his tummy.


11 Sep 2010 11:22PM
Brilliant portfolio. Your images are nice and sharp and I like the variety.
Phil1958 10 272 4 Wales
8 Sep 2010 12:20AM
I've seen your posts in the forums but never actually looked at your gallery - don't know how I managed to miss it - one word for it - Stunning!

Kezz Plus
12 1 England
22 Aug 2010 2:22PM
What a fantastic PF really varied one day I hope my shots are half as good , Well done.
17 Aug 2010 5:18PM
These are awesome shots.
30 Jun 2010 7:53PM
Hi Vince
Just a quick thank you on your comment that you made when I asked about the 7D, I have gone for the 50D as you suggested along with the canon 70-200 f4.0 L USM lens with a 2 x converter as a start to my new kit.

Many thanks
Ps Great Portfolio
thnkx for you r comment on my photo and you responded well to te lady who told me it looked like a studio setting .... pffffffffffffff ... it is a studio hahahahah

thnkx for helping me out

enjoy your photography

grtz peter
5 Jun 2010 7:08PM
hello! I'm Jameelia .. u have retouched my photo .. you made it look black & white .. also fixed my eyebrow .. i just wanted to say that your retouch is the best .. i love it so much .. thanks alot for your time Vince Smile
4 Jun 2010 4:27PM
hello! I'm Jameelia .. u have retouched my photo .. you made it look black & white .. also fixed my eyebrow .. i just wanted to say that your retouch is the best .. i love it so much .. thanks alot for your time Vince Smile
4 Jun 2010 2:20PM
hello! I'm Jameelia .. u have retouched my photo .. you made it look black & white .. also fixed my eyebrow .. i just wanted to say that your retouch is the best .. i love it so much .. thanks alot for your time Vince Smile
4 Jun 2010 12:35PM
hello! I'm Jameelia .. u have retouched my photo .. you made it look black & white .. also fixed my eyebrow .. i just wanted to say that your retouch is the best .. i love it so much .. thanks alot for your time Vince Smile
4 Jun 2010 12:06PM
hello! I'm Jameelia .. u have retouched my photo .. you made it look black & white .. also fixed my eyebrow .. i just wanted to say that your retouch is the best .. i love it so much .. thanks alot for your time Vince Smile
Hello Vince,

Thank you for replying to my post on choosing a new camera. In your post, you were right , I did short list it and you mentioned that you use a Nikon. I have been looking at them and I was wondering which one you use. I looked at the D90 and I liked what I saw. Do you find that having only a 96 % lens view is a problem. I like looking through the view finder more than the lcd.
I also noticed that the Nikon D90 and the Olympus E 620 had more ISO settings than the Pentax K-7. I guess what I am trying to ask is, if you were to choose any new camera, what features would you base your decision on? What would be at the top of your list?
There are so many choices out there and looking over the spec, I fear I am starting to nit pick everything trying to find just the right camera.

Thank you for any help,

21 Apr 2010 12:42PM
Hi Vince,

Thanks for comment on the 24-70mm. Going to stop messing about and get it.
i intend to upgrade next year to the D700 once i have got more experienced. Thats why i want an FX lens.
Do you have any views on Lee filters at all?
Great portfolio by the way. Sorry to use this as communication but i dont see your PM on EPZ.


18 Feb 2010 12:59PM
Hi Vince,

Once again thanks for your feedback on the 24-70mm I posted a reply but just in case you dont read it..... been told the nikkon 17-55mm 2.8 is as good as the 24-70mm?? do you have any thought please.

Also, do you have a view on Lee filters, and what ones should i start with for some landscapes.


Jonni P
SeanyP Plus
12 10 England
29 Sep 2009 5:29PM
Fantastic portfolio with a good variety of images love the work.
28 Sep 2009 10:33PM
Hey Vince,

Tnks for your feedback on printers, I think i'll get the ip4700. I'm also thinking of adding the sigma 10-20mm to compliment my 18-200mm a good move or not?
Also vince, how do you add the nice pic to the top of the PF page.
And what links do you use to nav the site. Its just to help me out as i'm so new to the site.

Thank you Vince.

Jonni P
27 Sep 2009 11:14PM
want to say a big thank you to all that have posted their advice to me. I will certainly take a good look at Canon printers now.

How do I say thanks to all the members above in one msg? Or have I just done it.....

20 Apr 2009 1:16PM
great portfolio
18 Apr 2009 1:00AM
Great variety and beautiful work. Please continue to stop by my gallery and offer critiques. Your feedback is appreciated.
Thanks again,
cameracat Plus
15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
5 Jan 2009 3:25PM
Hi Ricky ( chunky1972 ).

Glad to be of help, I have been there myself.....Sad Be carefull with the upload sizes.....make sure you have the best options that comply with epz rules etc.....Coz yer right, The files can get really screwed up.........!

My tip there is, When you have an image that you want to post, First of all save it at it's full size, Then make an epz size version via your chose software.....ie using the image re-size option in Photoshop Elements or CS-xxx Then use the save for web option, But try using the least amount of compression you can......!

Hope that helps.....Good luck.........Vince
cameracat Plus
15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
5 Jan 2009 2:50PM

Quote:where a nikon user and was wondering if you had any lenses

Hi Joe.....Am still a Nikon user....LOL....Smile Well ! someone has to be..........!

I don't have any lens for sale at the moment.....But as regards advise on what lens to recommend, Now your asking a big question, It kinda depends on what you need the lens for.......!

So for Nikon DX cameras ( ie crop sensor ) One of the best all round lens price wise has to be the Nikon 18-70mm, Although a lot of people refer to this as the Kit lens.......That is just how it has been sold by Nikon, But it's a way better than average kit lens.

So if you don't already have it, It's a great addition to your kit.

If you want to spend a truck load of money then there is the 24-70mm f2.8......But this is big & heavy.....Too.

As well as the 18-70.....You could add the Nikon 70-300mm VR....Then your covered from 10 through to 300..........Quite honestly thats all your likely to need, Unless you get into sports or something specific......?

You could add a " Macro " lens to your kit, I use a Sigma 70mm f2.8, and it works really well, Ok! It's nothing like as well made as the 105mm Nikon macro......But it's less than half price.....!

If you need any more advise have a bash at doing a forum post, But do list the type of kit you already have, As well as the sort of subjects you would like to photograph..........Good Luck..!

5 Jan 2009 10:03AM
Great work super images thanks for the comment or rather large comment lol, I was trying to mix both selective colour and soft focus and the web down load killed a good image. You were right when you said it was taken from a larger image so deleted back to the drawing board. Thanks.
4 Jan 2009 7:47PM
Hey there vince thanks alot for the advice on my image of the horse i welcome all advice ive had a look through you're portfolio and i really like alot of you're photos.
I also noticed that you where a nikon user and was wondering if you had any lenses that you no longer needed and where willing to sell if not some advice on a good lense for wildlife photography would be much appreciated.
Thanks again vince
27 Sep 2008 10:31PM
Great portfolio, lovely work
Good PF.
2 Sep 2008 2:56PM
Thanks for the info regarding the toy car. Really like your photos.
wow youve got a great pf some great work. superb
great photos!
thanks for the votes
jdenman Plus
10 18 5 Spain
19 Jul 2008 4:16PM
Really nice pf, most enjoyable and inspirational.
28 May 2008 7:09AM
Hello Vince
Just had a browse through your PF, as I'm new to epz I want to gather inspiration from other members, you have some cracking shots!
Thanks for the vote on Clara Cat...
14 Apr 2008 12:08PM
Hi Cameracat
I hope this is the right place to contact you.
Not sure how to enable the pm on my portfolio but my email is vanessa@vanjmaliturkishcats.co.uk
Thank You so very much for your offer of the Elements disc - we are very grateful. I am still hoping that adobe will answer my emails but i have sent them 2 now with no responce. Is it secure to send you my address on here or would it be best for you to email me and i send you it in the reply?
Biobits (Vanessa or little_catgirl's mum)
9 Apr 2008 4:02PM
Thanx for your suggesstions. I also got to see your very nice & Beutiful portfolio.
21 Mar 2008 4:21PM
thank you for the click on my latest upload it gave me a chance to see your work and you have a wonderful PF.. I went through and did some clicks as well...
thanks again
Dawn MIchelle
cameracat Plus
15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Mar 2008 7:15PM

Quote:Ok Teach, Whats going on?

Hello Kraziteach,

I'm pleased that you found my comment helpful, I do genuinely try to offer advise that will help you, Either improve your technique, Or point towards a potential camera fault.......Smile

Very sorry to hear you about your health issue, I wish you the very best in this respect.....!

Kind Regards........Vince
Ok Teach, Whats going on?

regarding your comment on Viola by kraziteach
There seems to be no areas that are in focus at all, Or you have turned the sharpen off....!?

I don't know! I was even using a tripod. Probably either too close or too far away for the macro. Or of course it might just be my eyes! My diabetes is being a trial at the moment. - Will try and improve please continue to humour me?!Quote this post
SFd Plus
11 10 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2008 6:04PM
Thanks for the comment on my image!
Your pf is really good especially the b&w images.
14 Jan 2008 11:07PM
Thanks again for your comments.

I didn't realise, time played a big part in votes. I thought people might just be sensitive to commenting on other peoples children. (you know how tight certain laws have got) However 1.00am might not be the best time to add my photos lol.

I think I'll add them in the morning, rather than in my quiet time lol.

Thanks again for the advice Vince, always welcome.

14 Jan 2008 2:27PM
Thanks for your comments Vince, It's very reassuring, to hear nice feed back on my photos. I am quite new to this, and it's people like you that help others build confidence in their work.

Great portfolio, keep up the good work.

p.s. Yes the camera is crappy lol, It's pracitcally has no zoom at all, just gotta make do with what I have so far.

Thanks again, Paul
10 Jan 2008 5:50PM
Thanks for commenting on my "Heavy Reading" cat photo, I think you have a impressive portfolio.
This is just a loner cat, my cat "Toby the Terrible" helps where he can, on my table top shoots he will re-arrange the BG and swat things off the table that he considers of poor photogenic quality, I'm writing this because he is watching birds now and not sprawled over the keyboard. He has not read "War and Peace", I think he's waiting for the original in Russian. Bob, Dallas, Texas, USA.
20 Dec 2007 11:16PM
You have a 1979 Mk1 Fezz too? You should definitely get a pic up of it!
thanks m8

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