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  • Commented on 'Need a new camera'

    Oh wow thanks so much from what you saini am thinking the d7000 is a good option and as you say put some money to a lens

    Any suggestions which lens would be good? I've never purchased extras lenses before so have even less idea about lenses than I do of cameras lol
    • 8 Jan 2014 10:33PM
  • Commented on 'Need a new camera'

    I guess my budget is 600 - 800 (ballpark figures - if it was 850 that works) lower lower the better but if paying out a bit extra would get me a better camera and consequently better results I am willing to do so. However the more the camera itself is less hope I have of getting a spare lens for it before my trip.

    I like the idea of sticking with nikon cos it's familiar
    • 8 Jan 2014 7:13PM
  • Commented on 'Need a new camera'

    My nikon D90 broke (just befor Christmas) amazon have refunded me so now I am in need of a new DSLR and would love some advice/recommendations/names of cameras to look at.
    I'm not very word savvy when it comes to cameras so if I could ask that if you need to use fancy camera related words or sentences can you explain what you mean? I like recommended cameras rather than just being told to look at what the camera can do - mainly because I do not have a clue.

    I am off to Florida in June so would like a camera that would give me amazing photos out there especially at night time and for fast action shots and firework displays.
    • 8 Jan 2014 8:56AM