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I have been interested in photography since my parents bought me my first camera when I passed the eleven plus. Through the sixties and into the eighties I was a keen club photographer and also freelanced weddings, portraits, magazines etc. But then my photography became just a record of my other interest, history. In 1999, I bought my first compact digital camera, followed by two other digital compacts. Then last year I part exchanged my Olympus OM2 gear for an Olympus E20 and my enthusiasm for photography has taken off once again. I no longer have any film cameras, and I don't miss them at all.
In June 2004, I updated all my gear and now have a Canon EOS 300D and some Sigma lenses.
February, 2005, I added a Canon 20D to my bag. In 2006, I added a 1DMklln and some 'L' lenses. A big change of gear in November 2011. I sold all of my Canon gear and bought a Panasonic GH2.


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