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Thanks you for taking the time to view my images, I hope that after taking the time to view them you vote or tell me why you did'nt Sad.
I do hope you like the photo's, and if not; tell me why, the comments I hope will help me improve.
Could I also ask that you contact a local volunteer group; and ask if they would like your help as a photographer, you will be I hope welcomed with open arms, good-luck.
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  • Happy journey for daily passengers... by debu

    Love this image, it make's me wonder how I would get on travelling in such a crowd country, friends tell me that it's the shear amout of people moving around the streets that can take your breath away, this image give's the on looker a glim's of the day to day life of India.
    • 14 Mar 2012 1:26PM
  • Phonebox in the Glen by CAMRABAG

    Quote:Beautiful and well composed image.well done,

    Quote:Excellent. Love the juxtaposition of the bleak highlands with a city centre object. Well done.

    Thank you for taking the time to view my photo and make a comment, feed back can give a new look to a image.
    Kind regards
    • 8 Mar 2012 5:19PM
  • Boardwalk by Chant57

    Great composition and capture.
    • 4 Jul 2011 11:32AM
  • Hemerocallis by stephenf

    Strong almost graffic image,
    I can almost feel the flow of the blood; great image I love it.
    • 2 Jun 2011 1:56AM
  • Nightime Blue Bells by CAMRABAG

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my image......So Glad that you are enjoying the image.
    • 19 May 2011 2:06AM
  • Catch & Release by legless007

    Nice image, love the flash of colour in the gills.
    • 14 Apr 2011 2:39AM
  • Tempest.......Seaham by CAMRABAG

    Thanks for the feed back and for taking the time to view and vote.
    I only wish you could hear the noise, when the shot was being taken.
    This type of image use to inspire a long dead local poet, Lord Byron.
    • 2 Dec 2010 1:24PM
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  • Posted on W1ldside's profile

    Great bank of images, the one thing you cannot buy at Jessops is talent....You have it mate.
    Your minds view of the images on show, tell's me you are a artist.
    I look forward to your next image, that you will share with us.
    • 29 Jul 2010 3:56PM

Limited to latest 30 results.