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Welcome to my portfolio and I hope you enjoy browsing.
I like nothing better than to receive comments on my photos, good or bad.
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A quick view of canonfan46's recent activity.

  • Church

    Thanks paulbroad, I did straighten the verticals a lot, and as you say, more dident look right.
    • 14 Jan 2013 11:00PM
  • Chaffinch in Flight

    That makes two votes for Jim (canonfan) but I (canonfan46) will take them anyway.........Tongue

    Thanks everyone who voted, for me and Jim, and I am delighted to have received a record number of votes for any of my images.

    • 8 Dec 2012 8:13PM
  • Bellagio Fountains - Las Vegas

    Thank you pamelajean, two relly nice mods. Amazing what can be achived by a simple crop.
    I love to get critue like this. It shows me what I have missed and what to look out for in my photos.
    Much appreciated
    • 24 Nov 2012 2:29PM
  • Dunluce Castle

    Yea, I think I get your point / points.

    Looking at it again, its pretty naff.....but it was my first go at a sunsetSad

    Thanks all for your honest and constructive critiques.

    Much appreciated
    • 12 Oct 2011 11:35PM
  • Dunluce Castle, Co. Antrim

    Thanks Willie for a very helpful critique.

    Sorry, I deleted the original as I dident think I should have two images the same posted, but I now see the point in leaving it there.

    Your mod appears to have only minor adjustments but the result is vastly different and much better.
    I wish I had the ability to see things they you experts do. Ah well, maybe some day.

    Thanks again, and I am now going to try and replicate your mod.

    • 4 Oct 2011 9:15PM
  • James Westmoreland

    Excellent panning shot
    • 4 Oct 2011 2:25PM
  • White-throated Dipper

    Great shot, a really difficult bird to get close to, well done
    • 28 Dec 2010 1:53PM
  • A truely creative photographer. Makes me feel that my efforts are only snapshots.
  • Absolutely beautiful PF.
    Photography as an art.