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Hi. Welcome to my portfolio. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy making them.
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A quick view of Canonshots's recent activity.

  • Sun rising over Bexhill.

    I've just seen the email about taking advantage of later sunrises and earlier sunsets. Seeing these splendid images straight after that reinforces the message.
    • 15 Sep 2020 10:52AM
  • stage one finish...

    I watched this on TV. Kristoff seemed too come from nowhere to win the stage.
    • 3 Sep 2020 7:10PM
  • Published, Thanks to you all!

    Your newspaper's editor obviously has good taste.
    • 3 Sep 2020 6:21PM
  • Tick Tock

    Maybe it needs winding?
    • 15 Aug 2020 12:35PM
  • permission to join you

    Nice follow up to your later upload (which I saw before I saw this one)
    • 4 Aug 2020 7:50PM
  • piglet

    Quote:Great capture, who said pigs can't fly.

    Thet actually said pigs might[ fly. Whoever they were, they must have been familiar with this insect.
    • 26 Jul 2020 7:23PM
  • Are they fighting or dancing!

    Scenes like this often happen in my garden too, but usually hidden behind the Leylandii so I don't get the chance to photograph them.
    • 22 Jul 2020 11:45AM
  • I get the message - your favourite subject is anything with wingsSmile What a splendid portfolio.
    • Posted on nealie's profile
    • 16 Dec 2019 3:23PM
  • Love your Lake District landscapes. Way back in the 1960s when I was a cyclist the Lake District was my favourite touring area, always with my Olympus Pen D in one of the side pockets of my saddlebag. Thanks for the memory. I must find some of my old half-frame slides fom that period and see if I can digitise them.
    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 14 Jul 2019 6:58PM
  • I looked at this portfolio when I saw your ground-to-air puffin images, with which I was very impressed. I am now even more impressed. You rank with the great Eric Hosking when it comes to bird photography.
  • I do like this very creative portfolio. I look forward to future uploads.
    • Posted on Saastad's profile
    • 8 Jun 2019 11:11AM
  • I'm a model aircraft freak myself, but I love your shots of full-size planes.
    • Posted on javam's profile
    • 9 Aug 2018 8:18PM
  • I really like this portfolio, especially the insect close-ups. Interesting that you are using colour reversal film and then digitising the resulting slides. It would be interesting to know what scanner you use - it is obviously capable of superb results.
    • Posted on TonyDy's profile
    • 16 Mar 2018 3:40PM
  • Some first-rate aircraft pics here. I'm adding you to my following list.
    • Posted on javam's profile
    • 26 Jul 2017 9:00PM
  • I do like this portfolio. I am sending you a PM about the Norway pictures.
    • Posted on PhilT2's profile
    • 10 Jun 2017 9:29PM
  • Just taken a quick look as I'm pushed for time right now, but I intend to be back soon to enjoy these splendid images as they should be enjoyed - at leisure!
  • I see you desctibe yourself as a beginner. Some beginner! I have seen experienced photographers produce stuff not half as good as some of these imsges. You hsve a real talent - keep cultivating it.
    • Posted on Dinky65's profile
    • 28 Jan 2013 3:58AM