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Welcome To My World And Enjoy It
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A quick view of cantona43's recent activity.

  • First Light --- Senglea, Malta

    Beautiful shot what a sight to wake up to
    • 31 Mar 2020 7:59PM
  • Sunlit Red

    stunning shot, well framed
    • 14 Jan 2020 7:03PM
  • Days Of Old; The Welsh Miner

    Excellent work and a good reminder of our history of coal mining, I think some people do not realise how important miners were to our county brave as well
    • 16 Sep 2019 6:28PM
  • Roses

    Absolutely Stunning Lin, this deserves all the awards coming to you
    • 16 Sep 2019 6:25PM
  • The far pavilion.........

    stunning well framed shot
    • 2 Jun 2019 7:28PM
  • Con sombrero.

    what a beautiful portrait lovely smile and eyes
    • 10 Apr 2018 7:18PM
  • For Rachel's Wedding

    Stunning work Helen
    • 8 Apr 2018 8:16PM
  • A stunning portfolio Carol I will keep checking in
  • You have a very nice portfolio here Alistair, Malta is a country very close to my heart having visited it for the last 12 years at least twice a year I have very good Maltese friends who I visit too who have shown me most of this beautiful island
  • a super portfolio with an excellent mixture of work exhibiting your talents with a camera
    • Posted on meniko's profile
    • 8 Mar 2012 10:58PM
  • Hi Antoinette, You are putting together a very nice portfolio here with a wide variation of subjects the improvement in your work is showing all the time
    Regards Neil
  • a portfolio full of very interesting and excellently captured images, looking at your banner was you in the light infantry? I was
    • Posted on mikbee's profile
    • 2 Feb 2012 1:38AM
  • stunning PF hope to see more
  • You have a fantastic PF I have just come across it after viewing your icicles I am amazed your work has not attracted more attention it is superb
    • Posted on AllyN's profile
    • 7 Dec 2010 12:05PM
  • what a fantastic PF you have here Steve, your work is outstanding and I recognise a lot of the locations you have used too.
  • Luke , your PF is amazing you are such a talented young photographer and I think you have a very good future ahead of you in the world of photography
  • outstanding Portfolio